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About us

We are a group of friends who felt the desire to develop and do something together! On this initiative, this website was created, where we describe and review individual dietary supplements. We will also run a “corner” where tips and tricks on a healthy lifestyle will be published. We try to provide as much information as possible that may be useful for you and make your life easier. If you have an idea that we could implement and it would be useful for our readers, please give us some tips! Briefly about us:

Piotr Stela – sexologist

My name is Piotr Stela. I am a sexologist by profession. For several years I ran my own practice where I gave advice on both male and female sexuality. It is not only my job, but also a hobby, so I decided to create this website with my friends to develop my passion, and in some way help people who are in need.

Malwina Lemp – graduate of medical studies

My name is Malwina Lemp and I am a medical graduate. Even as a child, I was very interested in how the human body works. I wanted to know literally everything it consists of, how individual organs work, and the most interesting thing for me was how to properly care for my health. I was looking for answers to my questions throughout my education and I am still looking for them, which is why I decided to get involved in creating this project in order to share my experiences with others, and to acquire new knowledge about dietary supplements and a healthy lifestyle myself.

Adam Wosek – dietitian, personal trainer

Cześć, jestem Adam Wosek. Ukończyłem studia na kierunku dietetyki, a obecnie jestem trenerem Hi, I’m Adam. I graduated in dietetics, and currently I am a personal trainer. As a teenager, I struggled with overweight problems and that was the main reason that led me towards dietetics. Seeking help for myself, I learned more and more about it, and finally decided to study in this field. During the few years spent in this environment, I learned a lot, and most of all, I got to know many dietary supplements that have a beneficial effect on our body. Unfortunately, there are also some that are unfavorable, so I decided that this website would be the right place to share my knowledge.

Klaudia – cosmetologist

My name is Klaudia Dawska. I am a cosmetologist. Even when I was a teenager, I noticed a great interest in myself about the possibilities of aesthetic medicine. Initially, I developed my interests at school, and then I decided to study. As it turned out, it was a great choice. I am very happy that my job is my passion, and the best thing about it is that I can help people. It is an amazing feeling when you can give someone joy!