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Nutrigo Lab Burner – Reviews, price, where to buy – Is it an effective fat burner?

Nutrigo Lab Burner is a natural dietary supplement that supports the weight loss process and prevents the formation of new fat cells. Its action is based on the intensification of thermogenesis and acceleration of metabolism. It can be used by both women and men. If you want to learn more about this supplement, what effects it brings, what opinions it has, composition and whether it is worth buying, we invite you to read our review.

Nutrigo Lab Burner

Nutrigo Lab Burner – what is it and how does it work?

Nutrigo Lab Burner tablets

Nutrigo Lab Burner is a dietary supplement that significantly accelerates the process of fat burning and helps to lose unnecessary kilograms. Its action is based on only natural ingredients that support the body in a comprehensive way.

Thermogenic properties and metabolic transformation allow to accelerate the oxidation of adipose tissue, thanks to which it will prevent the formation of new fat cells. It also has a positive effect on reducing appetite, which will allow you to control the problem of snacking. This, in turn, will allow you to maintain a caloric deficit, which is necessary to get rid of unnecessary body fat even from extremely “difficult places to lose weight”.

Nutrigo Lab Burner is an effective fat burner that is worth using along with physical activity and exercise. The ingredients contained in the supplement give a significant boost of energy, which increases the effectiveness of training. In addition, it raises body temperature, thanks to which we burn more calories.

You can not forget that the tablets also affect the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels, which improves carbohydrate metabolism. It also increases the absorption of nutrients and supports the work of the digestive system.

How to use Nutrigo Lab Burner – Dosage

The dosage that is recommended by the manufacturer is 2 capsules a day, which should be washed down with plenty of water. Tablets are best taken before a meal or immediately before training.

It is often used before various types of exercise, e.g. aerobic or strength training, because it is a large dose of energy that increases the effectiveness of our physical activity.

It is not recommended to use the supplement in the evening, because it contains caffeine, which can cause problems with falling asleep.

The recommended dose has been carefully calculated by the manufacturer and should not be exceeded. This will not increase the effectiveness of the supplement, and may only cause unexpected side effects associated with lack of concentration and digestive problems.

One pack of Nutrigo Lab Burner contains 60 capsules, so when following the recommendations, it is enough for 30 days of regular use.

Nutrigo Lab Burner – Effects

Nutrigo Lab Burner - Effects

Nutrigo Lab Burner will help you achieve such effects as:

  • It will help to quickly lose unnecessary kilograms and burn body fat
  • Achieve the desired effects not only due to body weight, but also significantly increasing the efficiency of the body (this will allow you to practice any type of sport)
  • Speeds up metabolism and facilitates calorie burning during daily activities
  • Regulates normal blood sugar levels
  • Adds energy
  • Intensifies thermogenesis
  • Suppresses appetite

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Is Nutrigo Lab Burner safe? Are there side effects?

According to the manufacturer as well as according to our observations, during the analysis of the composition, we can conclude that it is a supplement safe for health.

Although the natural composition is a guarantee of safety, unexpected side effects can always occur, e.g. allergic reactions. Patented extract of citrus fruits and guarana can cause such reactions. Of course, only in the case when we are allergic to these ingredients. Otherwise, we have nothing to fear.

In addition, caffeine can cause slight headaches and insomnia. However, this depends on how we normally react to this ingredient.

It is also not recommended to use Nutrigo Lab Burner for pregnant and lactating women.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nutrigo Lab Burner


  • The price of Nutrigo Lab Burner is attractive
  • Fast and long-lasting effects
  • No “yo-yo effect”
  • Natural composition
  • Possibility to buy in sets which reduces the price


  • No possibility to buy in stationary pharmacies
  • May cause mild side effects associated with allergy to a particular ingredient

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Dietary supplement Nutrigo Lab Burner – Composition – What ingredients does it contain?

As is well known, the key role in supplements is always played by ingredients and their proper selection and selection of ideal proportions. Looking at the composition of Nutrigo Lab Burner, we can conclude that the manufacturer has tried very hard to ensure the highest quality. The following substances allow you to effectively get rid of unnecessary body fat, and in combination with physical activity and a proper diet can guarantee spectacular results.


It is an extract of black pepper fruits, which significantly intensifies the secretion of digestive juices and improves the work of the digestive system. It is also a very important ingredient because it is responsible for the oxidation of adipose tissue, the intensification of thermogenesis and the absorption of organic components.


Garcinia Cambogia, or hydroxycitric acid, which is mainly responsible for accelerating metabolism, transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria and raising body temperature. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It has a very beneficial effect on appetite suppression, and also reduces cholesterol levels – especially the unfavorable LDL fraction (low-density lipoprotein).

Raspberry proper extract

It has a low glycemic index, thus helping to lower blood sugar levels. In addition, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It cleanses the body of intestinal bacteria, which significantly improves digestion.

It contains raspberry ketones, which is a compound responsible for the activity of norepinephrine. By increasing its activity, fat burning processes are significantly accelerated, which in turn prevents its deposition.

Sinetrol® Xpur

It is a patented by the manufacturer citrus and guarana extract, which contains a large dose of caffeine. Thanks to this, it adds a large dose of energy, which is necessary for hard workouts. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on mood.

Long turmeric rhizome extract

It is nothing more than turmeric. Kitchen spice, as well as a very strong antioxidant. It supports the work of digestive processes, accelerates metabolism and supports fat burning.


The main area of influencing weight loss is the capture of free fatty acids and the prevention of the deposition of fat cells in tissues. In addition, it participates in the synthesis of glycogen in the muscles.

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Nutrigo Lab Burner Slimming Capsules – User Reviews

Reviews about Nutrigo Lab Burner on the thematic forum related to health and beauty are very positive. Many people express their opinion about tablets there and on their basis you can draw some conclusions. The most frequently raised issue is, of course, the reduction of body fat. People emphasize that the effects are quite quickly visible and there is a noticeable improvement in the condition and efficiency of the body. We also came across negative comments. They concern 2 issues. The first is that Nutrigo Lab Burner can cause side effects associated with an allergic reaction if someone is allergic to a particular ingredient. The second thing is that the supplement is difficult to access due to its popularity and sometimes there are slight delays in delivery.

How much does Nutrigo Lab Burner cost – Price and available promotions

The price of the Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement depends on the amount of packaging purchased. The price of one package is 39,00 GBP. However, if we decide to make a larger purchase in the set, we can save a lot of money. Below is a brief description of how the prices in individual packages look like.

Nutrigo Lab Burner specification – basic information

Daily dosage2 tablets
Contents of 1 pack60 tablets
Price 1 pack39.00 GBP
Price included(2+1)78.00 GBP
Package price(3+3)117.00 GBP
Promotions and packages
Official website of the manufacturer

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Where to buy Nutrigo Lab Burner? Official manufacturer

The only option that gives us a complete guarantee of security is to purchase Nutrigo Lab Burner on the official website of the manufacturer. There we can take advantage of numerous promotions that are often offered, as well as inquire about the issues of interest to us using the contact form. Prices are the most attractive there, and in addition, we are sure that the purchased product will be an original supplement, not just a replacement. The purchase can be made on various auction sites, but be careful, because there are often dishonest sellers.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When will the first effects of Nutrigo Lab Burner occur?

The first effects should appear just a few days after starting the treatment. Everything depends on individual predispositions and whether we are systematic. It is also worth combining supplementation with a suitable diet and physical activity, so that the results will be even better.

Is it possible to reduce weight using Nutrigo Lab Burner?

Yes, this is exactly what the supplement was created for. Thanks to its properties, it effectively burns fat tissue, which contributes to weight loss.

Is there a worthwhile replacement for Nutrigo Lab Burner?

There is a substitute, and it is Fast Burn Extreme. It is an equally effective fat burner that shows similar properties to Nutrigo Lab Burner. It is equally effective and completely safe for the body. We rarely recommend substitutes, but in this case it is a suitable alternative.

Can Nutrigo Lab Burner be purchased from a pharmacy?

Unfortunately, you cannot, as it is only sold online. It is not possible to purchase the supplement in stationary outlets. The safest way to purchase is via the manufacturer’s official website.

How long will 1 pack of Nutrigo Lab Burner last?

One pack of the supplement contains 60 tablets. Assuming we follow the recommended dosage, this amount is enough for 30 days. If you are planning a longer weight loss cycle, it is worth looking at the offer to purchase the product in a set.

How is Nutrigo Lab Burner different from other weight loss supplements?

The most important aspect that differentiates Nutrigo Lab Burner from other supplements is the fact that the effects are not only instant but, above all, last for a long time. In addition, it is friendly and safe for the body and contains no artificial substances.

Summary – expert opinion – Is it worth buying Nutrigo Lab Burner?

Nutrigo Lab Burner is a burner that contains garcinia cambogia fruit extract known for its properties to burn a large amount of body fat in a short time. It is often used in dietary supplements for weight loss. It also has other ingredients that can effectively accelerate the weight loss process, but most importantly – they will ensure that the kilograms do not return to us. This is a problem often encountered when using rigorous diets or supplements that only have an ad hoc effect. There are quick effects, and after a short time we gain excessive fat again. In the case of Nutrigo Lab Burner, it seems that the situation is definitely different.

In addition, positive reviews about the tablets confirm their effectiveness. Considering all aspects, in my opinion this is a product worth attention. It can bring us satisfactory results without much effort, and at the same time it is completely safe. For this reason, if you need something that will support you in the fight for a better figure, I think it is worth trying Nutrigo Lab Burner.

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