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Hai Matcha – Reviews, effects, composition, price | Green tea to aid weight loss

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Hai Matcha is a green tea that was created to support weight loss. Is it effective? We checked the composition, customer reviews and its actual impact on our body. Is the information provided by the manufacturer true? Check whether it is worth using and whether it is suitable for you.

Hai Matcha

Every day we are busy. We live in constant stress and often do not have time to do something for ourselves. Over time, our body also demands to be taken care of. A good solution is a swimming pool or gym, but we do not always have time for it, which is why we are still looking for further solutions on how to take care of our health, and at the same time so that it is relaxing for us and does not require a lot of effort. In such situations, we usually reach for dietary supplements or other preparations that are to support us. Probably you have often met with the fact that the assurances made by the manufacturer of such a supplement were untrue and the only thing you received after buying the product was another disappointment. For this reason, I decided to get acquainted with Hai Matcha green tea, check how it affects our body, whether it is effective and what composition it has and share my thoughts whether it is a product worth attention.

Hai Matcha – what is it and how does it work?

Hai Matcha dietary supplement is a green tea that has become very popular due to the properties it has. It also owes its popularity to the fact that it was eaten by Buddhist monks and Japanese samurai for meditation purposes. It is produced from leaves from tea bushes, which at some point of ripening are covered with special matam to cut off the sun’s rays. This results in a significant increase in the production of active substances (mainly chlorophyll). The main effect of use is, of course, weight loss, but you can not forget that tea also has a positive effect on other aspects.

Hai Matcha

Effects of hai matcha

  • Improves well-being – By calming down, our body becomes relaxed, which has a positive effect on our aura. We have a sense of rest and contentment.
  • Body detox – Hai Matcha is known for its properties that support liver function and help eliminate harmful compounds accumulated as a result of poor diet. In addition, it effectively eliminates the action of free radicals and is a strong antioxidant.
  • Extra energy – It’s not about the energy we get after drinking coffee, which is a large increase in energy that quickly passes. Matcha works gradually and in this way energy is released, which allows you to dispose of it throughout the day.
  • Effectively relaxes – Matcha Green Tea helps reduce anxiety while maintaining mental clarity.
  • Accelerates metabolism and intensifies fat burning
  • Suppresses appetite and gives a long feeling of satiety

As previously mentioned, the main effect of consuming Hai Matcha is fat burning. The first effects of use should be visible after a few days, but it is recommended to continue the treatment. As you know, fighting overweight is a process, and in order for it to be effective, it must be used systematically. Japanese matcha tea stimulates our body to more intensive action, and additionally supports weight loss by providing a feeling of satiety, which translates into the fact that we simply do not snack.

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Hai Matcha

How to prepare Hai Matcha – use and dosage

The Hai Matcha cocktail is prepared literally in a few minutes and it is a process so simple that no one should have any problems with it. Prepare water, a dish for tea, a teaspoon and a scoop that you will find in the package.

  1. Measure 3 scoops of tea and pour into a dish
  2. Pour 300 ml of water
  3. Mix thoroughly and you’re done!

Thanks to the fact that the tea leaves are ground into a fine powder and closed in an airtight container, it will retain all its valuable properties.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hai Matcha

The Hai Matcha supplement is a weight loss product that has strengths and weaknesses. Below is a summary of them:


  • Fast effects that last for a long time
  • Natural ingredients were used to create Hai Matcha
  • Positive feedback and comments among consumers
  • Has a positive effect on well-being
  • With a larger purchase, the price is lower


  • It is not possible to buy tea stationary
  • Free delivery occurs only with a larger order

How is Hai Matcha different from other slimming teas?

Ordinary green tea known for its effect on metabolism can provide insignificant effects in the form of weight loss. Thanks to Hai Matcha, we will not only achieve faster metabolism and fat burning, but also stimulate the body to use the fat that is already there.

The difference is also noticeable in the level of energy. Matcha powdered tea provides a significant dose of energy, which is released gradually, so that we should not run out of it during the day. When we drink ordinary coffee or tea, we feel this energy only for a small moment.

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Are there any contraindications and is Hai Matcha safe?

The ingredients of Hai Matcha have been selected so that everyone can enjoy their properties. Natural ingredients and a mixture of digestive enzymes mean that there are no side effects, so there is no reason to worry. As with any product, you should check its composition to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. This can cause allergic reactions.

Drinking matcha can provide well-being and weight loss effects, however, when used in the right doses. Exceeding the recommended doses may result in digestive problems.

Hai Matcha Composition – what can we find in tea?

The composition of Hai Matcha has a multifaceted effect on our body. It contains only natural ingredients that are safe and do not cause any side effects.

SpirulinaSpirulina – contains chlorophyll and phycocyanin, which have antioxidant properties. In addition, it supports the work of the intestines and takes care of the bacterial flora. It is an ingredient that is also responsible for the feeling of satiety.
Soy proteinSoy protein – This is an excellent source of energy, especially for physically active people. One serving of hai matcha contains 9g of protein.
Digestive enzymesDigestive enzymes – This is a mixture of digestive enzymes that are responsible for supporting digestion. Thanks to them, the assimilation of food will increase significantly and there will be no flatulence.
Milk thistleMilk thistle – It is a very popular ingredient due to its detoxifying properties. He and the other ingredients of Hai Matcha support the work of the liver, which accelerates the cleansing processes of the body by reducing toxins.
NaringinaNaringin – It is a glycoside that can also be found, for example, in grapefruit. It has an antioxidant effect and supports weight loss processes – it stimulates the lipolysis process (breaks down fat cells).

Hai Matcha also contains 16 vitamins and minerals: vitamins E, C, B6, B12, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, folic and pantothenic acid, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and iodine.

Green tea Hai Matcha forum reviews, reviews. What do users say?

Browsing various forums and services on the Internet, I have read many opinions and positive comments definitely prevail. People who were dissatisfied usually complained about a delayed delivery that took 1-2 days longer than expected. As for the effects of the application, they had no objections. Let me quote a few of them:

Sample reviews about Hai Matcha:

Hai Matcha is a product that positively surprised me. I thought it would be another tea drink, and yet it works! In my case, the weight loss was at the level of about 11kg in 2 months. Maybe this is not an impressive result, but it should be added that at that time I did not exercise and in addition I was not systematic when it comes to consuming this supplement. I think that the effects could have been even better. Recommend!
Obesity has been my problem for a long time. During the pandemic, I was sitting at home all the time and unfortunately I was snacking a lot. I am currently in the testing phase of Hai Matcha and after the first days I can say that unnecessary kilograms quickly escape! I'm on the right track to get back to my dream figure! I will keep you updated on further results!
Hai Matcha for weight loss actually works, but the delivery time was different from that given during the order. I received the order a day later than expected, but the effects compensate for this shortcoming

Where to buy Hai Matcha?

Looking for information on this subject, I met several websites and online pharmacies, but they often offered substitutes, and the prices were not satisfactory. Therefore, in my opinion, it is best to use the offer on the manufacturer’s website. We can often find promotions and we have a guarantee that we will receive an authentic product, not just a replacement.

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How much does Hai Matcha cost – price, promotions

The price of Hai Matcha is 41,00 GBP for 1 pack. If we want to buy tea in a larger quantity, the manufacturer Hai Matcha also offers such a possibility. Thanks to this option, the price is significantly reduced, and we can even get 1 package completely free.

Hai Matcha Specification – Price and Promotions

1 pack contains:150 g tea
1 package is enough for the preparation:10 servings of tea
Price for 1 pack :41.00 GBP
Price included (2x) :77.00 GBP
Promotions and
Official website of the manufacturer

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How much caffeine is in one serving of the product?

A daily serving of Hai Matcha contains 8 mg of caffeine.

Who is Hai Matcha suitable for?

This product is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight without much effort. It should be used by people over the age of 18. Hai Matcha is also not recommended for pregnant women.

How to store the product?

Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight (at 18-25°C) and out of the reach of small children.

Is Hai Matcha available at a pharmacy?

It is not possible to purchase Hai Match at stationary outlets. At this time it is only possible to purchase from the manufacturer’s official website.

How long is 1 pack of Hai Matcha enough?

1 pack of Hai Matcha is sufficient to prepare approximately 10 servings.

Is Hai Matcha safe? Does it cause side effects?

It is a clinically tested product and does not cause any side effects. It is completely safe for our body.

Summary – a few words from an expert

I have carefully analyzed the supplement and I must admit that it is very interesting. Whether it is worth buying it is a very individual matter and depends on what our goals and assumptions are. If we want to lose weight, this is a very good solution, because not only does Hai Matcha greatly improve our body, cleanses toxins and stimulates us to work more efficiently, but also the effects last for a long time. The active ingredients contained in it cause relaxation and add energy necessary for an active lifestyle. It is also a good solution for people sensitive to caffeine, whom coffee simply harms. So for whom is this exit not good? It seems that this supplement is suitable for everyone, but if we buy this tea with a great taste in mind and do not expect any effects after the taste, then I think it is worth looking for something else. In any other case, I can in good conscience recommend Hai matcha.

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