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Xenical – Reviews, composition, price – Anti-obesity pills – are they effective?

We invite you to read our analysis and reviews about the drug Xenical. It is an increasingly popular drug used to treat obesity, which is dispensed by prescription.


Xenical is a medicine that requires a prescription and is non-refundable. In other words, to buy it, you have to go to the doctor and get a prescription from him, and then pay the full price for it. Xenical comes in the form of hard capsules. Xenical is a medicine whose active substance is orlistat, or tetrahydrolipostatin.

It is a special, long-acting inhibitor of the lipase enzyme produced in the gastrointestinal tract. In short – Xenical inhibits the absorption of fats from food. Xenical is used to treat obesity in combination with a low-calorie diet.

Xenical – What is it and how does it work?

Xenical tablets

Xenical is a prescription drug that is used to treat overweight and obesity. However, during the treatment, of course, you should also take care of a low-calorie diet and physical activity. The active substance of Xenical is orlistat, which in a nutshell reduces the absorption of fats from meals. Orlistat works by breaking down large fat molecules into smaller ones, and therefore reducing the amount of calories supplied to the body.

Studies indicate that the absorption of fats during treatment is reduced by about 30%. The remaining, undigested fat can be seen in the feces, which will be more oily. At the same time, Xenical has no effect on appetite suppression.

Dosage of Xenical – How to use

Xenical is a medicine for oral use. It should be used within a maximum of one hour of eating each main meal that contains fat – so usually after lunch. The tablet should be washed down with water. The dose and frequency of taking is determined by the doctor. He must analyze our current diet to determine which meal is best to use the preparation.

Is it safe to use Xenical? – side effects, contraindications, side effects

Like all medicines, Xenical cannot be used by all people. There are contraindications to the use of the drug, which include:

  • impaired absorption of nutrients
  • Liver disease
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • use of anticoagulants or antiepileptics

Xenical may also cause side effects such as:

  • fatty, oily stools
  • headaches and dizziness
  • Ailments of the digestive system : flatulence with passing gas
  • loose stools
  • more frequent defecation
  • fecal incontinence
  • urinary tract infection
  • irregular menstruation
  • increased fatigue
  • deficiencies of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A
Meditating Woman

Xenical – Consumer reviews – forum

Xenical is undoubtedly an effective drug in many cases. Here are some examples of patient reviews about it.

“I ate a lot of fatty foods and I couldn’t resist them. My doctor prescribed me a drug called Xenical, which limited their absorption. My body was “fooled” that it gets less fat and I started to lose weight. Extra amounts of fat are excreted in the feces, but this is quite unpleasant because the stools are very loose and fatty.”

“I took the drug after dinner. In 2 months I lost 9 kg, so I think it’s a pretty good result. However, I try to replace my diet with less fat so I don’t have to take prescription medication.”

Pros and cons of Xenical

The use of Xenical, in addition to weight loss, has both advantages and disadvantages


  • reduction of the absorption of fats from food
  • In many cases, it gives satisfactory weight loss results


  • does not reduce appetite
  • does not eliminate wolf hunger attacks
  • Available only on prescription
  • annoying side effects from the digestive system
  • It can not be used if the meal does not contain fat

Xenical – composition – what ingredients fill the drug?

Xenical is a prescription medicine that contains the active substance orlistat. Each capsule contains 120 mg of orlistat. In addition, the other auxiliary components are:

  • Microcrystalline
  • starch glycolate sodium
  • Povidone
  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • talc

The capsule shell consists of gelatin, indigo carmine, titanium dioxide and edible printing ink.

Where to buy and how much does Xenical cost?

Xenical for weight loss

Xenical is a prescription drug available in most stationary pharmacies. Due to the fact that the drug is only available on prescription, it cannot be purchased by mail order – however, you can book the drug online and pick it up at a stationary pharmacy. The drug is non-refundable. Pack sizes of 84 hard capsules each with 120mg orlistat. The price for one package may vary due to the place where we buy it, the differences are quite significant.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can you lose on Xenical?

This is a very individual matter, but there are more or less weight drops of at least 5% after 12 weeks and at least 10% after one year of using the drug.

Which is better Xenical or Mysimba?

Xenical and Mysimba are different drugs and are not equivalents. They should not be used interchangeably. If you do not know which preparation is best for you – your doctor will decide.

Is Xenical effective?

Xenical will be effective for us if we consume too much fat in food. Otherwise, it is better to use another medicine, but this will certainly be suggested by the doctor.

Summary – Is it worth using Xenical?

Whether Xenical is worth using is a very individual matter. Its introduction is decided by the doctor. Obesity is a serious ailment and should undoubtedly be combated. However, there is no one specific cause of obesity, it can be both the reason for wolf hunger pangs, excessive consumption of food due to hormonal dysregulation, too much sugar or fat in the diet. Therefore, preparations so concentrated and acting so much on our body as Xenical are only allowed on prescription.

In the case of using such a preparation by a person who consumes a very small amount of fats in the diet, serious digestive system ailments and very unpleasant abdominal pain may occur. Thus, Xenical is one of the preparations that is used as a last resort when other methods fail. The basis for losing kilograms is a properly composed diet that will contain the right number of calories for us and the appropriate distribution of macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats.

If you do not want to jump into deep water right away, approach the weight loss process wisely and take advantage of the reduction diet first. If you want to inhibit appetite and accelerate metabolism in natural ways, we encourage you to read our article: Ranking of slimming pills.