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Whitify Strips – opinions, composition, effects – Whitening tooth strips

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Every day you use toothpaste to thoroughly clean them, take care of oral hygiene, and yet the effects are still far from ideal? The teeth are not snow-white and discoloration is visible on them, and you are wondering what you are doing wrong? If it is indeed the case that you observe daily oral hygiene, then you deserve praise. However, you need to know that the toothpastes that are advertised on TV, and which we use most often, do not have whitening properties, and if they do, then very negligible and it is difficult to see any effects. They are often very effective when it comes to cleaning, but this is where their action ends. So are we left with only professional whitening in the dentist’s office? Do not necessarily. This is an effective way, which I also recommend, but only if you can afford it, and your cavities or defects on your teeth are really large.

However, if you would like to try something that fits into a much smaller budget, you may be interested in the product – Whitify Strips whitening strips. Recently, whitening stripes have gained great popularity and that’s why I decided to get acquainted with them more closely and express my opinion about them. In the further part of the article, he will present exactly what they are, what effects they bring, what customers say about them on the Internet and whether it is worth testing them.

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Whitify Strips Teeth Whitening Strips – How Do They Work and What Is It?

Whitify Strips – whitening strips that can provide a snow-white smile in a few days. They base their effectiveness on the active ingredient, which is used in dental offices. They effectively affect discolorations resulting from drinking coffee, tea, smoking cigarettes or consuming other substances that dye enamel. The effects of use are visible almost immediately, but the more systematic we are in our actions, the better results we can achieve. However, in the period from 7-14 days, we can change the color of the teeth by up to 7 tones.

How to use Whitify Strips?

Using Whitify Strips is very simple and should not cause trouble. The strap should be placed on the lower teeth and pressed very carefully so that it adheres to all teeth. The action is repeated in the same way for the upper teeth. After the activities performed, you should wait 30 minutes, without eating food or drinking. After the 30-minute period has passed, we can remove the strips from the mouth and thoroughly tap the mouth with warm water. Mouthwashing should be carried out very carefully in order to completely remove the remnants of the gel. The obtained effects can be controlled with the help of special testers included in the package, which have a scale of shades of teeth.

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Effects of using Whitify Strips

If you want to whiten your teeth, get their beautiful and aesthetic appearance and dazzle with your smile, you can get such effects by using Whitify Strips. Systematic use will remove any discoloration and imperfections created on the tooth enamel. The perfect proportions of ingredients and their combination will make all bacteria removed from the mouth and the breath will become much fresher! It will also prevent the formation of caries and comprehensively protect your teeth.

Just a few simple steps are enough to get a beautiful, white smile! Place the lower strip on the teeth, matching its gel side to the edge of the gums. Gently press and correct the strap with your fingers. It must adhere exactly to the teeth. The same should be done on the upper teeth. Wait 30 minutes and you’re done! Remember that during this time it is forbidden to drink or eat.

Whitify Strips – why and when is it worth using them?

Whitify Strips can provide us with effects similar to those obtained in specialized dental offices. The difference, however, is that we can carry out the procedure ourselves, and the costs are definitely lower. In addition, during the treatment with Whitify Strips, tooth enamel is not exposed to the risk of irritation. Thanks to this, we can be sure that there will be no tooth sensitivity. Treatments should be used when we notice some discoloration on our teeth, or when we just want to have healthier and whiter teeth. As mentioned earlier, this is a safe treatment and can be repeated.

It only takes a few seconds to take “5 steps” that will make you get dazzling white teeth. Thanks to this, your well-being will improve, you will feel better about yourself, you will gain more self-confidence and you will stop being ashamed of your smile.

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Whitify Strips - Teeth Inspection

Are Whitify Strips safe? Side effects

Teeth whitening strips are safe and no side effects have been reported. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of the product by people who wear braces on their teeth and those who have so-called dental crowns. When it comes to fillings in the teeth – there are no contraindications, you can use the straps without any worries. They do not adversely affect the enamel and do not cause any irritation of the gums.

How are Whitify Strips different from other products of this type?

Whitify Strips teeth whitening strips are a unique product that uses a special formula to remove discoloration without causing any irritation. This is mainly due to the use of ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and sodium hydroxide in the strips. They have a strong whitening effect, and at the same time are completely safe to use. The component of toothpastes and other products of this type are abrasives that can damage tooth enamel.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Whitify Strips


  • Fast and long-lasting effects (significant effects of using Whitify Strips can be seen after 7 days)
  • They cope well not only with light and medium discolorations, but also with more significant imperfections
  • A natural and safe composition that does not cause a feeling of sensitivity
  • Depending on the set you choose, the price is lower, so it’s worth buying it in more quantity


  • No possibility to buy stationary
  • One pack of straps is enough for 14 days

Whitify Strips lineup. What do whitening strips contain?

Whitify whitening strips have in their composition substances selected in ideal proportions. This allows you to achieve maximum effects, while maintaining full safety. The action of Whitify Strips does not adversely affect the enamel and does not damage its surface.

The full line-up of Whitify Strips is:

  • Carbomer
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Glycerin
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Aqua
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Pvp
  • Menthol

Whitify Strips opinions, forum, comments. What do customers say?

Whitify Strips reviews are available on most health and lifestyle portals. This is a very popular method of teeth whitening, which is why their topic is often discussed on the Internet. The main attention of users is attracted to the fact that the effects of application are instant and allow to lighten enamel discolorations from several to several tones (10-14 tones).

Whitify Strips – forum reviews:

My teeth were not discolored, nor did I have any cavities. However, I did not like their shade. It was "dull". I decided to try Whitify Strips on the recommendation of a friend and I must say that after a few days I managed to significantly brighten the color of my teeth, so the goal was done!
I hate visits to the dentist. It stresses me out a lot and I avoid them as much as I can. Therefore, I was very pleased with the fact that the treatment with Whitify Strips can be carried out by yourself. At this point, I'm at the beginning of testing the strips, but I've already noticed the first improvements. Discoloration on the teeth has disappeared, but I would like to achieve the effect of even whiter teeth, so I will have to repeat the treatment. I will inform you about the effects!

Where to buy Whitify Strips teeth whitening strips?

I always recommend using the official website of the manufacturer ( and this is also the case here. We will find the best prices there, and in addition, we can often find promotions that are usually very attractive. Using a trusted source, you do not have to wonder whether you will receive the original product or a fake. Unfortunately, on the Internet we hear more and more about scams, so it is worth being careful.

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How much does Whitify Strips cost – price, promotions

The price of Whitify Strips is 20.00 GBP for 1 package. It is also worth noting that it is possible to order more packaging, which makes the price much lower. Below are the prices of individual sets:

Price for 1 package : 20,00 GBP

Price included 2x : 37,00 GBP

Price in set 3+1 : 60,00 GBP

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Will my teeth become more sensitive after using Whitify Strips?

You should not experience any tooth sensitivity. Of course, this depends on your individual predisposition, but even if you experience some discomfort from this, it will be short-lived and you should not be concerned.

How to use Whitify Strips correctly?

The strips should always be applied to cleaned teeth. Apply the lower strip first with the gel side pressing it against your teeth. Then the top one in the same way, adjusting it to the gum line with your fingers. Leave on for 30 minutes, then gently remove. Brush your teeth as usual. Rinse well with warm water to remove any remaining gel.

How long will 1 pack of whitening strips last?

One pack is enough for 14 days of use and this is the period after which you will see clear results. Treatments are recommended to continue and for this reason it is worth considering purchasing a larger pack of strips. With a larger package, the price is considerably lower and we can often count on promotions for an extra free pack.

Can I use whitening strips when wearing braces?

Unfortunately no. This is not recommended by the manufacturer.

How often should I repeat the whitening treatment?

It is impossible to determine this unequivocally, as each person’s teeth are different and react differently to external factors etc. In one person the effect may last for a long time. In one person the effect may last for several months, while in another the discolouration starts to appear much earlier and then the whitening treatment should be repeated.

Summary – expert opinion

Whitify Strips allow you to achieve a similar result to that brought by professional teeth whitening in the dentist’s office. The whitening process is very simple to carry out and completely safe. Taking into account all the factors regarding the composition, effects of use and how customers speak about Whitify Strips, I can say that this is a product worth recommending. It seems to me that if it is possible to take care of your teeth without having to involve a dentist, it is worth trying.

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