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Whitify – Teeth Whitening Kit. We check how it works and whether it is effective

The first impression is always the most important and everyone would like to have a snow-white smile. So how do you take care of your teeth? We decided to test the set for self-whitening teeth – Whitify. Check what are the effects and whether it is worth buying.

Whitify - smiling woman

Visual appearance and presence have always been important, but in recent times it has been even more evident. People are constantly striving for perfection. They improve the appearance of the body, use numerous specialized treatments. Beauty salons are rapidly developing, and with them our next requirements for our beauty. It’s the same with our smile. It is the smile that is mainly responsible for the “first impression” and for how people perceive us. It is not surprising, therefore, that everyone wants it to be healthy and beautiful. So how do you achieve this goal? The first thought comes to mind is a dental office. This is, of course, a correct statement, because no one will take care of our health as thoroughly as a specialist in his field. There are also other ways that can improve the appearance of our smile and they are probably a much cheaper solution. Today we will test the Whitify teeth whitening kit. We will check how it works and what effects we can expect.

Whitify – what is it? When are the effects? What to expect?

Whitify whitening strips are a modern technique that allows you to effectively whiten your teeth in 6 days without leaving your home. After this time, we will see clear first effects. Of course, it is recommended to continue the whitening process and treat this activity as a normal prophylaxis. Therefore, in order to obtain the best results, we can not forget about daily hygiene to take care of oral health.

The gel contains,, baking soda. The addition of natural extracts, such as aloe vera leaf juice or pomegranate seed extract, protects teeth from bacteria. Menthol perfectly refreshes the breath. The combination of all ingredients means that you can whiten your teeth in an extremely short time. Discoloration on the teeth will quickly disappear and you will get a white smile!


How to use Whitify?

Using Whitify is extremely simple and intuitive, and most importantly, it only takes 15 minutes. Everything is done in 5 simple steps:

  1. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.
  2. Connect the lamp and the overlay on the teeth together. Place a small amount (approx. 1/4 syringe) whitening gel in the cap. Place it enough so that the gel covers your teeth, but not the gums.
  3. Place the cap on the teeth and turn on the lamp. If the gel is in contact with the gums, grate it in these places.
  4. Keep the overlay in your mouth for the duration of the session (15 minutes). During this time, you can do what you like: exercise, watch TV, work at the computer.
  5. Remove the cap, rinse your mouth thoroughly, disconnect the lamp from the cap and rinse it thoroughly.

What’s included in the Whitify kit?

  • Instructions for use – described in detail all the elements of the kit, application and general information needed for proper use.
  • Flexible overlay for teeth – Convenient to use, not causing discomfort.
  • LED lamp to accelerate the effects – activates the components of the gel to accelerate the action
  • Tubes with whitening gel – In the set, the manufacturer includes tubes with gel, which are necessary when performing the treatment.
  • Tooth shade stencil – Helpful in comparing effects.
Whitify - smiling woman

Set for teeth whitening Whitify opinions in the forum, reviews. What do users say?

Users highlight several important elements that make Whitify stand out in the market for products of this type. Namely, the point is that it positively affects sensitive teeth. Internet users say that many toothpastes or toothbrushes often negatively affect enamel and that is why they have previously decided to whiten in the dentist’s office, but this product meets their expectations and they are satisfied. Another aspect that was discussed is that the whiteness of the teeth looks very natural. It often happens that there are celebrities on TV who have snow-white teeth, but it looks so artificial that sometimes comical.

Whitify where to buy? Price pharmacy, shop

We always advise you to use a reliable source, and such is undoubtedly the official website of the manufacturer. By buying there, we are sure that the product we order will be original and will not be a replacement. Additional benefits are such that the manufacturer often uses promotions and we have a chance to make a purchase at a very favorable price. We can also use the contact form, as well as additional information about the product, which is included on the official website.

Summary – expert opinion

As can be seen from the effects that we can get and the opinions of users who have already tested Whitify, we can unequivocally state that this is a product worthy of attention. Comparing prices with treatments in specialized clinics, Whitify also wins this competition. I am a doctor by education and I look with great amazement at the development of medicine, supplements and devices supporting us in everyday functioning. Just a few years ago, I could not have imagined that a small device would be able to have such a beneficial effect on our smile. After getting acquainted with Whitify, I can with a clear conscience recommend it to any person who wants to improve the appearance of their teeth. At the same time, I would also like to emphasize and remind you that there is someone like a dentist or a dentist and it is they who should control the condition of our oral cavity, and devices such as led lamp, teeth whitening strips, etc. they should only be an addition.The combination of these elements can give really great results, so let’s take care of the smile in a comprehensive way.

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