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Whitify Carbon – reviews, price, composition, effects | Whitening paste to remove discolouration

Each of us wants to have a snow-white smile, but is this goal easy to achieve? According to the manufacturer, the Whitify Carbon product is able to guarantee us this, and how is it in reality? Let’s check what this supplement is and what we can expect from it.

Whitify Carbon - smile

The first and basic activity that is associated with oral care is brushing your teeth. On the surface, this seems to be a fairly simple activity that does not make sense to think about for a long time. However, when we look a little deeper, it may turn out that choosing the right paste can significantly affect the health and appearance of our teeth. For one, a strong cleansing paste may be a good choice, while for the other it will be too intense and will destroy the enamel and injure the gums. Therefore, it is very important to choose a product that will be suitable for our teeth, thoroughly clean and whiten them, and above all will not irritate them. Today we will discuss a product that has been very popular in recent times. It is black toothpaste with coal. We will check for whom it is suitable, how it affects our teeth, what effects we can expect, what other users say about it and whether it is safe.

Whitify Carbon – What is it and how does it work?

Whitify Carbon is a whitening toothpaste whose main ingredient is activated carbon. It was produced for people who have sensitive teeth. It is very delicate and does not cause irritation, and at the same time very thoroughly cleanses. The first effects of use are almost immediate, because after the first application a fundamental difference is visible and the shade of the teeth changes, but in order to obtain the best results, systematic use is recommended.

Whitify Carbon paste is great for people who have all the discoloration on their teeth from smoking, discoloration after coffee or tea, as well as caused by incorrect oral hygiene. A very important advantage is that we will not only get the whitening effect, but at the same time Whitify Carbon will comprehensively take care of our teeth, protecting them against further defects in the future. Products offered by manufacturers of other brands often affect only temporarily and are temporary. In the case of Whitify Carbon, the effect should be different.

Whitify Carbon - product

Whitify Carbon – effects of use

The use of toothpaste with activated carbon with whitening properties provides such effects as:

  • Removes excess bacteria in the mouth
  • Whitens and protects teeth
  • Refreshes the breath
  • Removes all discoloration & impurities from the surface of the teeth
  • Prevents the formation of caries and deposits
  • Protects enamel

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Whitify Carbon – the pros and cons


  • Provides fast & long-lasting effects
  • Not only does it whiten, but it also has an antibacterial effect
  • Natural and safe composition


  • No stationary sales

How is Whitify Carbon different from other pastes?

Whitify Carbon is a unique teeth whitening paste that uses activated carbon to remove stains and discoloration. Unlike other pastes, it does not rely on harsh chemicals or bleaching agents to achieve its results. Instead, it uses all-natural ingredients to lighten your teeth safely and effectively. It does not cause tooth sensitivity and is very gentle on enamel.

Whitify Carbon teeth whitening paste comprehensively takes care of our oral cavity not only in an ad hoc way, but also allows you to maintain the effects for a long time. According to many dentists and specialists in the field of dentistry, the whitening effect and the effectiveness of teeth cleaning is caused by the fact that the paste contains activated carbon with a properly selected concentration. Perfect balancing of the proportions of ingredients allows for quick results, while maintaining total safety.

How to use Whitify Carbon whitening paste?

The use of Whitify Carbon is no different from the use of other tooth and oral hygiene pastes. Therefore:

1. Wet your toothbrush and apply a small amount of Whitify Carbon whitening paste.

2. Rub the bristles around all the teeth for two minutes.

3. Spit out the paste in the sink and rinse your mouth with water.

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Is Whitify Carbon a safe product? Are there side effects?

There are situations when we buy a paste that either cleans the teeth too poorly or irritates them too much. Whitify Carbon has been properly balanced and provides thorough cleaning and is suitable for people with sensitive enamel, so it can be used by virtually everyone. No cases of side effects have been reported. The only contraindication may be an allergy to a particular ingredient, so it is worth getting acquainted with the composition.

Whitify Carbon - teeth treatment

Whitify Carbon whitening paste – composition

The composition of Whitify Carbon paste is simple and natural. It’s made with the highest quality ingredients to whiten your teeth and give them an aesthetic, whiter and healthier look. They have antibacterial properties, prevent the deposition of tartar, eliminate toxins and impurities.

Full Whitify Carbon lineup:

Whitify Carbon - Composition - Hydrated silicaHydrated silica – a substance that deeply cleanses the teeth, and at the same time is extremely delicate and does not irritate. In addition, it helps in the removal of plaque.
Whitify Carbon - Composition - Activated carbonActivated carbon – This is an ingredient that has excellent absorption properties. It very effectively inhibits the growth of carious bacteria and removes unpleasant odors from the oral cavity.
Whitify Carbon - Composition - Mediterranean pine extractMediterranean pine extract – A popular ingredient that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.
Whitify Carbon - Composition - MentholMenthol – Provides fresh breath for a long time
Whitify Carbon - Composition - ChlorhexidineChlorhexidine – It is responsible for removing and inhibiting the formation of tartar.
Whitify Carbon - Composition - XylitolXylitol – Its most important role is to inhibit the growth of bacteria and increase the production of slin, and additionally restores the alkaline pH in the mouth.

What customers say about Whitify Carbon – Reviews and Reviews

Whitify Carbon reviews on the Internet has very good. People speak in superlatives, and the most important advantages, of course, include quick effects in the form of whitened teeth and delicacy and lack of irritation after use. Internet users also point out that the paste greatly strengthens the enamel, and the teeth receive a natural white, and not artificial as it happens with some celebrities who invest huge amounts of money, and the effects are poor.

Here are some examples of Whitify Carbon reviews:

I have very sensitive teeth, and the safe composition of Whitify Carbon is extremely gentle with them. I am satisfied with the results and hope to regain the old appearance of my teeth, which unfortunately I neglected through cigarettes
Previously, I used Whitify's teeth whitening strips and I must say that I was not entirely satisfied. My teeth were whitened, but my gums suffered. Now that I have replaced the strips with paste, I must admit that the difference is huge, and the condition of my teeth has improved significantly.
White teeth are one thing, but white and healthy teeth are already a more demanding goal, and thanks to Whitify Carbon I finally managed to combine these 2 elements! Recommend!

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Where to buy Whitify Carbon? Price and biggest promotions

When it comes to health, safety is always the most important thing for me. I always advise using only trusted sources. In this case, it is the official website of the manufacturer (, where we can buy Whitify Carbon without leaving home. The product is not available for stationary sale. We can also buy it on numerous auction portals, but as already mentioned, it is not worth exposing yourself to unnecessary risk of fraud.

What is the price of Whitify Carbon?

The price of Whitify Carbon is 32.00 GBP per pack. It is also possible to order the paste in a larger set, which means that the price is much lower. Therefore, if we want to save some money, and we are determined to systematic treatment, it is worth considering this option.

Price for 1 package : 32,00 GBP

Price for 2 packages : 62,00 GBP

Price for set 3+1 : 96,00 GBP

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Whitify Carbon toothpaste safe for enamel?

The composition has been developed so that the paste does not stress the enamel in any way. Therefore, it is completely safe and we can also use it for sensitive teeth.

Does Whitify Carbon toothpaste contain fluoride?

No, there is no fluoride in the toothpaste.

When do I see the first effects of Whitify Carbon?

The active ingredients of the toothpaste have an almost immediate effect, so the first results will be noticeable after the first brushing, but it is recommended to continue the treatment in order to achieve the best results.

How often should I brush my teeth with Whitify Carbon?

It is the same as brushing your teeth with any other toothpaste, so how often you brush your teeth should depend on your basic oral hygiene (we recommend brushing your teeth twice a day).

Summary – expert opinion

Caries, discolored teeth, any cavities – all this makes the appearance of your teeth not the greatest asset. Therefore, proper care for our teeth will not only make us healthier, but also improve our social relationships. Analyzing the composition of the paste, we can quickly notice that it was created for people struggling with tooth sensitivity, because it is extremely delicate and at the same time very effective. This rarely happens and I think it is worth paying attention to. According to reviews from the Internet, the color of the teeth changes already after the first days of use, and therefore this is a good forecast for the future. Undoubtedly, you have to take care of the oral cavity systematically, and what product we choose for this is our individual matter. For my part, I can say that considering the effects, composition and customer opinions, it seems to be a product worth recommending. Therefore, if you need a mild yet accurate paste, I encourage you to try Whitify Carbon.

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