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What is libido and how to increase its levels?

What is libido is often talked about, but what are the ways to increase it less often. Is it worth trying home remedies for libido, or maybe dietary supplements will be a better solution? See what effects you can expect.

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Lack of desire for sex in both women and men often negatively affects mental health. Sex is an inseparable part of our lives and is a really very important element. Therefore, if we notice a decrease in libido also at home – we should not underestimate it. People tend to justify these types of problems by saying that it’s because of fatigue, that they have problems at work, etc. Of course, these aspects matter, but we cannot count on the problem to solve itself. In this article you will learn what libido is, how to increase libido levels in women and men and we will introduce you to alternative methods to raise this libido.

What is libido and why the desire for sex decreases

Libido is an internal sex drive. For each person, this value will be different. There are people who cannot stand several hours without sex, and there are also those who could live completely free from sex. Exaggeration in one direction or the other is not suitable for our mental life. Keep in mind that the level of libido is constantly changing and may be dependent on many factors. Probably not once in your life there were periods when the desire for sex intensified significantly, and after a few days the sex drive stopped. Such a phenomenon is called fluctuations in the level of libido and it is a completely natural thing. The reasons for such changes can be many, e.g. stress, fatigue, depression, etc. You can read more about the reasons for the decrease in libido later in the article.

What causes a decrease in libido?

Reduced sexual activity, which is a consequence of a decrease in libido, can have many causes. The most common include:

  • Diseases such as depression, diabetes, cancer, and prostate problems
  • Hormonal disorders such as: elevated prolactin levels, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, insufficient testosterone levels, estrogen deficiency
  • Taking antidepressants
  • Use of stimulants
  • Emotional problems
  • Stress and fatigue

How to increase libido levels?

Always solving the problem of a decrease in libido, you should start with a meticulous analysis of what could have been the main reason. It may often turn out that it is enough to limit stress or a proper diet. It may also be that improving our sex drive will cost us many sacrifices and it will be a long period. It all depends on individual predispositions and the background of the problem. It is worth looking carefully at how our body reacts to individual situations, habits and everyday activities. Maybe there is something there that has a particularly negative impact on our health. It can even be ordinary coffee.. On the surface, it seems that the consumption of coffee is something completely normal and we do not even take it into account, while excessive consumption of coffee in large quantities can just disturb the body’s work. Therefore, first of all, let’s observe your body and make gentle changes such as a proper diet, more exercise in the fresh air, avoiding stress. Then we can try methods that are commonly used such as pheromones, aphrodisiacs or libido pills such as: VigraFast.

Increase libido at home ways

There are many different methods and activities that we can introduce into our lives, which can have a positive effect on a greater desire for sex. The simplest activity to start with is simply proper sleep and rest. An excellent solution is also the introduction of additional physical activities and an enriched diet. We can, for example, add celery to our daily diet. It is a very effective sexual stimulator and in its composition contains significant amounts of androsterone – the male sex hormone. However, this is a solution more for men than for women. This hormone is secreted with sweat and intensively affects the subconscious (pheromone).

The next step should be to give up stimulants. Smoking cigarettes and alcohol consumption negatively affect blood flow to the genitals. In addition, the smell of these stimulants may be unpleasant for the partner. We should also introduce more activities into our lives together with our partner. This will allow you to significantly strengthen relationships, which will have a positive effect on the level of libido. The right mood in the bedroom, tempting outfits and pleasant music – these are also elements that can not be forgotten. At this point, it is also necessary to mention the use of natural pheromones and aphrodisiacs. They have been used for centuries, and their big advantage is that they do not require much effort from us, and can significantly improve sex life. You can read about what pheromones to choose and for whom they are suitable in the next part of the article.

Decrease in libido - pheromones

How to increase libido in men?

Libido is influenced by many factors. They vary depending on our gender. So what can be effective for men? Of course, you should start with daily activities that have already been described, such as adequate rest, physical activity and diet. In the next phase, we can reach for potency tablets. This will allow us to significantly effective our actions and should effectively affect the problem of reduced libido. In addition, we can also use the previously mentioned pheromones for men such as: Désir Éternel Homme. It is also worth paying attention to natural aphrodisiacs. They can be, for example, seafood.

Libido in women – how to increase it?

The problem with sex drive usually has a slightly different background in women than in men. Women are more gentle, they need more passion, the atmosphere is very important to them. This is where we should start our work on improving female libido. It is worth introducing into the bedroom all sorts of gadgets, alluring outfits and trying new “flavors of sex”. Routine is not good at sex, so we must constantly strive not to limit ourselves only to sexual contacts that we do out of habit and do not derive pleasure from them. Low libido can also be a consequence of the fact that we do not feel the partner’s interest in our person. Maybe it’s worth adding something more exciting and crazy to sexual activity? It may also be worth using the Désir Éternel Femme pheromones for women. This will have a positive effect on your partner’s libido, which will have a positive impact on your sex drive.

Increased libido – how to deal with it?

We discussed ways to increase the level of libido and what effect it has on engaging in sexual activity. What if the problem is too high libido? At the very beginning of the article, we mentioned that libido should be maintained at the right level and can be neither too low nor too high. So how to deal with increased libid? If you are a young person, your hormones are buzzing and it is normal that the desire for sex is significantly increased. However, if this stage is already behind you, while the sex drive is much higher than optimal and it negatively affects your functioning, then unfortunately it will be necessary to visit a specialist. We do not recommend using any home remedies, as it is simply risky. Increased libido may be the result of diseases that affect changes in the hormonal balance and brain function. Therefore, you should consult a doctor to carefully examine the cause of the problem.