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Stimido – reviews, price, where to buy, effects | Libido pills for women – Review

Stimido is a dietary supplement for women that supports their sexual activity by improving blood circulation and blood supply to the genitals. Thanks to this, women can feel more pleasure during sex. The supplement is based on natural ingredients and does not cause side effects.

Stimido (disambiguation)

There can be many reasons for reduced libido, for example, chronic stress, inadequate diet, poor blood supply to the intimate organs. Many women who struggled with less and less desire for sex have already tried the Stimido libido support supplement, which you can see by reading the article. We quote women’s opinions, as well as analyze the composition and everything you need to know before using the supplement.

Stimido specification – basic information

Daily dosage2 capsules
Contents of 1 pack60 capsules
Price 1 pack25.00 GBP
Package price(2)47.00 GBP
Price included(3+1)75.00 GBP
Promotions and packagesCheck here
Official website of the manufacturer

What is Stimido and how does it work?

Stimido is a dietary supplement for women supporting their sexual activity. It was developed for women whose low libido negatively affects their lives. The level of women’s libido can easily change under the influence of hormonal changes or through less blood flow to the genitals.

Thanks to Stimido, we have a greater desire for intimate close-ups, and we can also feel much more pleasure during intercourse. The Stimido supplement has a positive effect on the perception of tactile stimuli, among others thanks to the improvement of blood circulation and improvement of blood supply to the genitals.

Stimido tablets – effects of use

Stimido works thanks to the use of natural ingredients of natural origin, which have a proven effect on the decrease in libido.

  • increases sex drive
  • improves blood flow
  • stimulates the central nervous system
  • increases self-confidence in the bedroom
  • intensifies sensations during intercourse

The first effects of using the Stimido dietary supplement may appear after just a few days of using the supplement . However, it should be remembered that this is an individual matter. It is worth following the dosage recommendations of the supplement, as well as taking care of a healthy lifestyle – it is also very important for sexual performance.

How to use Stimido – dosage

The use of the Stimido supplement is very simple, the package is also accompanied by a leaflet with dosage and instructions for use. Take a minimum of 2 capsules of Stimido daily. The capsules should be washed down with plenty of water, it is also good to take them just before a meal.

The dosage recommendations given by the manufacturer should be strictly followed – the use of higher doses than recommended will not bring any benefit. Fortunately, Stimido starts to act quickly, so you do not have to arm yourself with large doses of patience. Its proportions have been selected so as to help women as soon as possible, while not having a harmful effect on health.

How to use Stimido

Pros and cons of Stimido libido pills for women

Dietary supplement Stimido is a very effective supplement with a natural composition. Its advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages.


  • quickly raises libido
  • significant improvement in the perception of stimuli
  • improvement of the condition of the skin, hair and nails
  • excellent price


  • available online only
  • difficult availability due to high demand

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Stimido – side effects and contraindications

Stimido is a supplement that has been developed using only ingredients of natural origin with a proven beneficial effect on sexual desire. The use of natural ingredients excludes the occurrence of side effects, but before using the supplement, make sure that we do not have any contraindications to its use.

It should be remembered that the dietary supplement can not be used in case of allergy or hypersensitivity to any of its components. The supplement should also not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as people in puberty.

The composition of Stimido – what ingredients does the supplement contain?

Stimido is the best supplement on the market developed on the basis of natural ingredients that increase the desire for sex in women. It contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that will quickly eliminate low sex drive.

Ginseng - Herbs for potency and libido
Ginseng root extract
  • L-arginine – is a natural aphrodisiac that is used in many supplements to improve sexual performance, including that in men – it improves blood flow in the body and its supply to the intimate organs, it also has a great effect on physical fitness
  • bitter orange fruit extract – thanks to it you can count on improving blood flow to the intimate organs, as well as increasing pleasant sensations during caresses and intercourse
  • ginseng root extract – maximally increases the level of libido, and also improves the intensity of orgasms
  • guarana seed extract – thanks to the caffeine content, it has an effect on reducing the feeling of fatigue and fatigue, thanks to it you can also count on extending the time of intercourse
  • lovage root extract – increases the level of libido by improving blood supply to the genitals and their surroundings
  • maca root extract – is a strong aphrodisiac that increases sensations and greatly affects sexual desire, it is also used in preparations for men
  • vitamin E – regulates women’s hormonal balance, is a natural antioxidant, and additionally has an impact on health and beautiful skin
  • selenium – increases sexual performance and sex drive, selenium deficiency can lead to infertility
  • zinc – regulates the work of the endocrine system, supports the growth of hair and nails

Stimido – Women’s opinions and comments

If you notice a decrease in interest in moments with your partner in the bedroom or if your relationship has recently experienced problems, try Stimido to raise your libido. With its help, you will certainly want to spend more time in the bedroom with your partner. Stimido guarantees an increase in the desire for close-ups, and also increases the feeling of pleasure. On the Internet you can find a lot of opinions about this supplement, most of them are positive opinions. We asked several people about their experience with Stimido.

“I’ve had a low libido problem for a long time, I’ve used various ways to turn it up, but so far none of them has turned me on as much as Stimido – thanks to him something amazing happens to me! I’m much more likely to frolic and drag my husband into the bedroom instead of simulating a headache. In addition to increasing the appetite for close-ups, it makes sex unearthly – I’ve never been so good before. My husband has always been a good lover, but my recent experience has been a total blast! So if you’re asking for my opinion, the answer is simple – I’ll never give up on Stimido again!”

“There have been problems in our relationship recently. We argued a lot, my husband wanted to reconcile in the bedroom, but I totally did not feel like it, I was constantly filled with negative emotions after the quarrel. I decided to try Stimido, I chose it because of its natural composition and positive user feedback. Today I can confidently say – I love Stimido for improving libido, but above all for how strongly I began to react to stimuli. I’ve never had so many orgasms – lately I’ve been very happy and relaxed. So yes – I definitely recommend this dietary supplement!”

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Where to buy Stimido – pharmacy, manufacturer’s website

Stimido Set

The dietary supplement Stimido improving female libido is available without a prescription. However, it is not available in pharmacies and stationary stores – it can only be purchased online. For this purpose, we recommend using the official website of the manufacturer to be sure that we will receive the original product at the best price. When buying a supplement from intermediaries and online traders, we are not sure what we will really get, so we do not recommend such a solution.

How much does Stimido cost – price, promotions

The package of the dietary supplement Stimido contains 60 capsules and costs 25 GBP. Stimido is a sensational value for money, it is the only supplement with such good performance at such a low price.

When ordering a supplement from the manufacturer’s official website, you can take advantage of attractive promotions. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with current promotions, you can even get free packaging when buying three. The manufacturer also offers free delivery.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Stimido tablets available in pharmacies?

No, the Stimido dietary supplement is not available at a pharmacy. It is only available online, we recommend ordering it through the official website of the manufacturer.

When will I see the first effects of Stimido?

The first effects of Stimido can be seen after the first few days of use.

Is Stimido safe?

Yes, the Stimido supplement is a very effective supplement for improving libido in women.

Summary – expert opinion – is it worth buying Stimido?

To sum up, Stimido is a dietary supplement that effectively supports women’s sexual activity. It is a product developed for women whose low libido negatively affects their lives. Stimido improves blood circulation and blood supply to the genitals, which contributes to increasing the desire for intimate intercourse and increasing pleasure during intercourse.

The supplement is based on natural plant extracts, thanks to which it is safe for health and does not cause side effects. According to reviews of women who have already tried it, Stimido is effective and worth considering.

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