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Semaxin – opinions, price, composition, effects | Review of tablets for fertility and potency improvement

In this article, we present an in-depth review of the dietary supplement Semaxin, which is designed to help men improve the quality of their erection and fertility. We will take a closer look at the ingredients, action, effects and opinions of others who have already tried the product. We will also learn how to use Semaxin, what are its advantages and what are the opinions of specialists about it. Is Semaxin actually an effective solution for erection problems? Read our review and see for yourself!


Semaxin specification – basic information

Daily dosage2 capsules
Contents of 1 pack60 capsules
Price 1 pack49.00 GBP
Price included(2+1)98.00 GBP
Package price(3+3)147.00 GBP
Promotions and packagesCheck here
Official website of the manufacturer

What is Semaxin and how does it work?

Semaxin is a dietary supplement that has been developed to help men improve the quality of their erection and fertility. It contains only natural ingredients that have a proven effect on improving the sexual function of a man, such as increasing sperm quality, increasing sperm volume, increasing testosterone production, improving the spermatogenesis process, improving sexual performance, increasing libido levels and eliminating erectile dysfunction.

The action of Semaxin is based on natural plant extracts and vitamins that have properties that improve the sexual function of men. Multifaceted action allows for quick and long-lasting effects.

Fertility pills Semaxin – effects of use

Semaxin tablets have been developed on the basis of natural ingredients that have a proven effect on improving the sexual function of a man. They provide many positive effects of use:

  • increase sperm quality
  • increased sperm
  • increased testosterone production
  • improvement of the spermatogenesis process
  • improve sexual performance
  • increasing the level of libido
  • elimination of erectile dysfunction

In addition to a number of benefits on male sexual performance, it can also have a positive effect on the immune system and general human well-being.

How to use Semaxin – dosage

Semaxin is a product that is very easy to use – just use two capsules of the supplement a day, between meals. It is also best to wash them down with a glass of water. It should be remembered that only strict adherence to the recommendations for use and dosage of the supplement will bring the best results.

The key to success is regularity, but you should also not overdo it the other way around and use a higher daily dose than recommended by the manufacturer. This will not accelerate the effects, and can only strain the functioning of the digestive system. The composition of the supplement is based on natural ingredients, but it should be remembered that these are not candies.

Dietary supplement Semaxin

Pros and cons of Semaxin erection enhancement pills

Semaxin positively affects the intimate life of men. Supplementation with the preparation provides men with a number of benefits and advantages.


  • Fast and effective operation
  • improvement of fertility
  • natural composition
  • No side effects
  • comprehensive improvement of intimate life


  • Web-only availability
  • quite high price when buying a single package

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Semaxin – side effects and contraindications

The Semaxin supplement contains only ingredients of natural origin that have a proven effect on improving male intimate health and increasing sperm production. Thanks to this, the preparation ensures the maintenance of sexual function of a man in a natural way and does not cause side effects or any unpleasant side effects.

However, you should familiarize yourself with its composition and contraindications to use. Semaxin should not be used in case of allergy or hypersensitivity to its components, but such allergies are very rare. Nevertheless, they should be excluded before applying the preparation. If you suffer from any chronic diseases, we recommend that you seek medical advice.

Composition of Semaxin – what ingredients does the supplement contain?

In Semaxin we find many active ingredients of natural origin, which have been mixed in optimal proportions to ensure the best results in the form of the proper course of the spermatogenesis process and optimization of testosterone levels in men.

Ground mace - Herbs for potency and libido
Ground mace fruit extract

It consists of:

  • n-acetyl-l-cysteine – participates in the synthesis of glutathione, which protects the DNA of cells, thanks to its use it is possible to increase the amount of semen and increase sperm activity in sperm
  • astragalus root extract – is a powerful antioxidant that supports male fertility by increasing sperm motility, thanks to which it improves sperm quality
  • vitamin E, vitamin B12, folates, zinc and selenium – a complex of essential vitamins and minerals that affects the volume of semen and the amount of sperm in semen, are essential for the proper functioning of male intimate organs and the endocrine system
  • ground mace fruit extract – plays a key role in improving male potency and cares for its long-term maintenance
  • saffron flower extract – increases the desire for sex, increases the amount of semen and the production of the male hormone – testosterone
  • sluggish witania extract – may affect the occurrence of more sperm in semen, but above all it significantly improves their motility and cares for the quality of semen

Semaxin – Consumer Reviews and Comments

On the web you can find many opinions about Eron Plus – on Internet forums, in social media or in the search engine. We also ask for opinions from people who have purchased the supplement. Our analysis shows that virtually every user is satisfied with it and has a positive opinion about it. Below are some of them.

“As I got older, my sexual performance began to decline. The erection was not as secure as it used to be, if I already had it, I was never sure for how long. My wife and I decided that we wanted to try for another child, but due to my age and sexual condition, our efforts were in vain. I felt very bad about it, so I started looking for a solution to my problem. I was convinced by the reviews about Semaxin and decided to try it. At the time of writing, my wife is five months pregnant – I think that speaks for itself.”

“My problems with potency probably started with a fast and stressful lifestyle. I admit that I did not pay attention to my health and it finally affected my sexual condition and fertility. Even though I’ve slowed down and reduced the stress in my life, not everything has returned to normal. I decided to help with the dietary supplement Semaxin, which my wife read about on the Internet. Thanks to him, my erections finally return to normal and I always rise to the occasion.”

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Where to buy Semaxin – pharmacy, manufacturer’s website

Semaxin for fertility

The dietary supplement Semaxin is only available for sale online. It cannot be purchased in stationary stores or pharmacies. If you intend to buy a supplement, we advise you to use the official website of the manufacturer for this purpose. On auction sites or other sources, you can often find scammers who offer fakes. By ordering a supplement from the manufacturer’s official website, you can be sure that you will receive the original product at the lowest possible price.

How much does Semaxin cost – price, promotions

The price of Semaxin for one pack containing 60 capsules is 49 GBP. This is quite a lot, but on the official website of the manufacturer you can often find free delivery and attractive promotions, for example:

  • 1 pack – 49 GBP
  • 3 packs – 98 GBP
  • 6 packs – 147 GBP

Thanks to the use of packages, you can definitely reduce the cost of a monthly treatment with the preparation. Remember that the key to success is regularity.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is better Semaxin or Maxatin?

The supplement Maxatin works on a similar principle to Semaxin, but the effectiveness of Semaxin is much higher.

Is there a substitute for Semaxin?

A substitute for the Semaxin supplement can be VigraFast.

When are the first effects of using Semaxin?

The first effects of Semaxin can be seen approximately after one month of use. However, please note that the timing of the appearance of the effects is an individual matter.

Summary – expert opinion – is it worth using Semaxin?

If you are looking for an effective solution for erection and libido problems, then Semaxin is the perfect choice for you. This dietary supplement was created for men who want to improve their sexual condition and regain self-confidence. In its composition you will find only natural ingredients that contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, which is necessary to achieve and maintain an erection.

Importantly, Semaxin is easy to use – just take 2 tablets a day to enjoy the effectiveness of the product. Many opinions of other users confirm its effectiveness, and specialists are happy to recommend it as an effective solution for problems with potency, libido and fertility improvement.

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