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Proflexen – Reviews, effects, price, composition, where to buy? Tablets for joints

Our joints as a result of various events or passing time are exposed to loads and various types of ailments associated with them occur. Proflexen is a product whose task is to protect joints and protect them on many levels. The supplement relieves joint pain, reduces the feeling of stiffness, also improves the flexibility of joints and their mobility. We decided to check what effects we can actually get by using this preparation. We carefully analyzed the composition, got acquainted with the reviews of people who have already tested it and checked all the information about these capsules. If you are interested in our review about this dietary supplement, we invite you to the article.

Proflexen for joints

What is Proflexen – how does it work?

Proflexen - tablets for joints

Proflexen is a dietary supplement for joints, which in its composition contains only natural ingredients. It affects our body on several levels, which is why its effects are fast and last for a long time. It effectively relieves inflammation and pain in the joints, improves their overall work and facilitates functioning, as well as significantly reduces their stiffness.

It comprehensively protects our joints and increases the production of collagen and synovial fluid, which is necessary for the proper functioning of joints. It can be used by people who have joint problems due to sedentary life or by being overweight. It is also often used by athletes whose joints are exposed to huge overloads. In this case, it also works perfectly.

Proflexen – effects of application

The effects of using Proflexen appear very quickly and last for a long time. All thanks to the multifaceted action and high effectiveness of the ingredients contained in the composition of Proflexen.

  • It improves the condition of the joints and their overall health
  • Relieves pain
  • Increases collagen & synovial fluid production
  • Helps maintain healthy & strong bones & joints
  • Increases joint mobility and motility
  • Reduces stiffness

How to use Proflexen – Dosage

The use of Proflexen is very simple and should not cause any problem. It is enough to swallow 2 capsules a day (preferably in the morning and evening for 1 capsule) and drink a large amount of water. For better absorption of active ingredients, it is recommended to use tablets after a meal.

The recommended dose should not be exceeded. It should be remembered that Proflexen joint tablets contain in their composition 400 mg of collagen in a daily portion. This is the amount that completely satisfies the needs of our body. By using a higher dose, we can expose ourselves to problems with the digestive system.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Proflexen


  • The composition of the Proflexen dietary supplement is natural and safe
  • The formula of the tablets is very affordable
  • Supplementation does not cause side effects
  • Fast and long-lasting effects


  • No possibility to buy in stationary pharmacies

How is Proflexen different from other supplements?

Proflexen is a product that helps to take care of joints on many levels. This is what distinguishes it from other preparations. We often deal with the fact that a dietary supplement actually brings positive results, but they do not last too long. Everything is caused by the fact that they contain nutrients, but they do not stimulate the body to produce them on its own. Therefore, the use of dietary supplements containing large amounts of collagen can only bring a temporary effect. In the case of Proflexen, it is different. It contains a large dose of collagen, but at the same time supports the body and stimulates even greater collagen production. Thanks to this, the effects are very fast and the joints are secured for a long time.

Proflexen - a woman with a sore joint

Is Proflexen safe? Side effects

Proflexen is based on natural ingredients that are completely safe for our body. If used as directed, there should be no side effects.

Exceeding the recommended dose, we expose ourselves to minor problems with the digestive system. It should be remembered that the dose of the supplement is accurately measured in such a way as to provide the body with the necessary ingredients in ideal proportions. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to it.

Contraindication may be an allergy to a particular component of the supplement. Allergy can cause allergic reactions, so before applying it is worth carefully familiarizing yourself with the composition.

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The composition of Proflexen – what does the supplement contain?

The composition of Proflexen is very rich and contains only natural ingredients. In the tablets we find 13 substances that have properties such as: relieving inflammation, reducing pain and improving the overall work of the joints.

The ingredients of Proflexen are:


It is a substance naturally produced by the body. It is often used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, because its properties stimulate collagen synthesis, protect tissues against fibrosis and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The tablets contain glucosamine sulfate, which has high bioavailability. It relieves pain and has a positive effect on the regeneration of cartilage tissue. In addition, it strengthens ligaments and removes joint stiffness.


Methylsulfonylmethane stimulates the production of collagen. MSM or organic sulfur is also responsible for the proper functioning of joints and has a beneficial effect on the properties of muscles and tendons.


An ingredient that is responsible for proper hydration and protection of joints. It intensifies the production of collagen, which means that more synovial fluid appears in our body. Chondroitin sulfate works synergistically with collagen and glucosamine, which is why it is often used by people who are overly physically active. Another advantage is that it contributes to the decrease in the degradation of articular cartilage and quickly eliminates any inflammation.

Indian frankincense resin extract

An ingredient that is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis because it contains boswellic acids. It comprehensively affects the condition and health of joints and bones. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use allows you to significantly increase the flexibility of the joints.

Long turmeric rhizome extract

Mainly known for its antioxidant properties. It counteracts the degradation of articular cartilage and limits the impact and action of free radicals. It has a positive effect on increasing the range of motion and improves the overall work of the joints.

Ginger lint extract

It has very high analgesic properties. It is often used for various types of degeneration. It has a soothing effect and has a beneficial effect on inflammation.


It is an ingredient that supports the body in many ways. Reduces inflammation by increasing the level of lymphocytes. It is worth adding that it is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress.

Bromealine from pineapple

An ingredient that is found in fresh pineapple stalks. It is also responsible for removing inflammation in the area of the joints. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The use of bromealine has a very positive effect on the regeneration of joints.


It is a patented undenatured collagen type 2, the effectiveness of which is 2 times greater than chondroitin and glucosamine. As is well known, collagen makes up about 30% of all proteins in the human body. It performs many functions such as: supports the proper functioning of joints, reduces inflammation and all ailments, also removes the feeling of joint stiffness.

Collagen is the main building block of articular cartilage, which rebuilds joint structures and improves mobility, as well as supports regenerative processes. It supports the flexibility and strength of joint tissue.

Due to the fact that with the passage of time our body is not able to produce the right amount of it and, unfortunately, there are deficits in the right amount of synovial fluid. Therefore, it is a very important ingredient, and in the supplement it is in the amount of 40 mg.

Vitamin C

Another ingredient that participates in the synthesis of collagen. Its properties also allow you to limit the action of free radicals, and all thanks to antioxidant properties.


It is present in the reactivity centers of many enzymes, which makes it an essential microelement for life. It is present and intensifies the process of connective tissue formation.


Joint health is very beneficial. It is often used in cases of rheumatoid arthritis. It maintains the health and functioning of the joints at an optimal level.


In the composition of tablets performs similar functions as Selenium. It has a positive effect on the health of joints and supports their work on many levels. It is responsible for maintaining the health of joints and bones in proper form.

Tablets Proflexen reviews, forum, comments – What do customers say?

Many proflexen reviews can be found on thematic health-related forums. Looking for information about these tablets, we decided to use only places where data verification is required. Thanks to this, we can be sure that these are true opinions and written by people who have actually been in contact with these tablets. We have selected 2 extreme opinions that will allow us to look from different perspectives.

Proflexen tablets

Proflexen – Opinions from the forum:

“I am a very physically active person. I love to walk in the mountains, I often run and unfortunately my joints began to refuse to obey. More and more often pains began to appear, and I had to give up numerous expeditions. I used many ointments and now I decided on another form – that is, tablets. After a few days, I noticed a significant improvement. I felt that the joints were as if more “mobile”, they were not found. After about 3 weeks, the pain completely disappeared, but I decided to continue the Proflexen treatment so that the problem would not return.” – Dominic Kalska

“Over the years, a person feels more and more ailments. Unfortunately, in my case, one of them is joint pain. I realize that I will not return to full fitness from years ago, but this does not change the fact that I would like to function normally. With Proflexen this is possible. I still feel some discomfort, but I can walk calmly without any pressure. I was really encouraged to buy the price and composition of the supplement. At my age, unfortunately, a large amount of drugs are already used, which cost a lot and you can not afford everything. In this case, I have to say that it was money well invested!” – Wanda Tokarska

Where to buy Proflexen?

Proflexen capsules can be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer ( Stationary sales are not currently being conducted. The product can also be found on many auction sites, but we warn against buying in such places. Often there are all sorts of scams. When buying from an untrusted source, we can never be sure what we really bought.

When buying from an official manufacturer, we can also count on a considerable discount. In addition, various types of promotions are offered. We also have the opportunity to buy tablets in larger sets, which makes the price much lower.

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How much does Proflexen cost – price, promotions

The price of Proflexen is GBP 39.00 per package, which contains 60 capsules. This is enough for a treatment lasting 30 days. If you are planning a longer treatment, it is worth considering buying in larger packages. Prices in packages are as follows:

Basic package – 1 package – 39,00 GBP

Standard package – 2 packs + 1 pack for free – 78,00 GBP

Optimal Package – 3 packs + 3 packs for free – 117,00 GBP

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy Proflexen from a pharmacy?

Unfortunately no. Currently, it is only sold online and the product is available on the manufacturer’s official website.

How much is enough for 1 pack of the supplement?

One pack of Proflexen contains 60 capsules and at the recommended dosage (2 capsules per day) this is enough for a 30 day treatment.

When will I see the first effects of Proflexen?

The first effects in terms of pain reduction will be felt after the first few applications. As far as the regeneration of cartilage tissue is concerned, we will have to wait a few weeks until the joints return to their optimal form.

Do Proflexen tablets have side effects?

Proflexen does not cause side effects if used according to the recommended dosage. If we exceed the recommended daily dose to be taken, then minor problems with the digestive system may occur. If we are allergic to a particular component of the tablets, an allergic reaction may also occur.

Is there a substitute for Proflexen that is worth using?

If we want to achieve similar effects, which protect our joints comprehensively, the best substitute for Proflexen would be Flexidium 400. This is a product with an equally natural composition and its effect on the body is comprehensive.

Summary – expert opinion

Proflexen capsules contain a very interesting composition that contains everything that is necessary for the proper functioning of our joints. Our body is constantly exposed to overloads, regardless of whether you are a natural person or lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you are active – the joints are accustomed to loads, but when you do not have much movement, then every effort is a torture for the joints. Therefore, it is important to provide essential nutrients that will improve their functioning and improve overall health. Without a doubt, Proflexen can help us in this. If you want to properly take care of your joints, I think that this is the right solution.

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