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How did I lose weight? My history

The heroine of the article is Anna, who some time ago decided to make fundamental changes in life and began to lose weight. The first results she achieved were 10kg lost within 1 month. Does it continue to lose weight? How was it possible to achieve such spectacular effects? We had a conversation in which he reveals his secrets. She told us what turned out to be effective, and what was just a waste of time. See how mundane activities that you can do without any difficulty can help you achieve your goal.

How I lost weight

Today’s article is quite unusual, but it can prove to be very useful for people who plan to start the weight loss process. These will be the experiences, thoughts and slimming story of Anna, who decided to reveal a few secrets of her success.

How I lost weight - my story - Anna

My name is Anna and I am 39 years old. The story I’m going to tell started six months ago. At that time I weighed 78 kg with a height of 165cm. I decided to change my life and take care of my appearance. What were the effects of this? In the first month I managed to lose about 10kg. I did not abandon a healthy lifestyle and I maintain it to this day, but not as rigorously as it was at the beginning. Currently, I weigh 54kg, so the weight has dropped by about 24kg over the last six months. Only the first month was quite hard and there were moments of doubt, but later it was much easier. If at the beginning of my journey I had the knowledge I have now, I think that it would be easier for me to achieve my goal. Therefore, I will try to share this knowledge with you. I’ll tell you what methods I used and what I would use at this point and what I would have done differently.

My beginnings – how did I start losing weight?

If you want to lose weight, it must be only your decision. The impact of your environment can be a stimulus to action, but the final decision is yours. If you are undecided, it may turn out that you will give up in the first week. The next step I took was to admit to myself that it had already gone too far, that my weight had already reached its maximum limit. Previously, I used to start diets and introduce healthy eating habits, but it ended quickly. Therefore, it is very important to say this firm sentence that the time has already come. Then it will be easier for us to stay in pursuit of the goal.

The first mistake I made was that I set myself too radical challenges and unfortunately I did not manage to implement all of them in full. I was a terrible gourmet, and I decided to completely reject sweets. Sometimes I liked to drink beer, and I completely gave up alcohol. After a few days, it turned out that my life lacks things that make me happy. All my attention was focused only on eating little, exercising and not eating unhealthy food. Why was this a mistake? Because even in the most rigorous diets, there should be a place for moments of pleasure. Then I decided to introduce the rule that 2-3 times a week I indulge in an unhealthy, but tasty meal. I don’t mean I ate pizza or hamburger 3 times a week. I mean more that I drank 1 beer or ate a small portion of my favorite sweets. However, I quickly realized that I was starting to reward myself too much and, for example, instead of 1 beer, I drank 2, etc. That’s why I introduced another rule: I can eat unhealthy things, but with calories I have to be within a set limit. What caused this? The fact that when I drank 2 beers, later I could eat much less nutritious meals. It might seem that this is a bad method, but as it turned out, our brain works in such a way that over time I had less and less desire for sweets or alcohol, and I preferred to eat a normal meal. In this way, I was able to reduce unhealthy foods to a minimum. Therefore, my advice: do not start with large changes, let the body get used to the changes.

Dieting? What to eat and what to avoid

How I lost weight - diet

To be honest, I did not and still do not follow any diet. This does not mean that I eat everything I want. I just checked the foods I ate on a regular basis. I analyzed their composition, checked the caloric content, whether the body can cope with the digestion of these dishes, etc. I was also suggested by numerous blogs and guides, in which I found many valuable tips. At the very beginning I gave up:

  1. Bread. Especially white bread. It contains a significant amount of carbohydrates, which is exactly what you want to avoid if you want to lose weight.
  2. Sugar. In my opinion, the worst product when it comes to weight loss. It is necessary to pay attention to it.
  3. Sweets, cookies and all other products that contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  4. Fast food (hamburgers, fries, etc.) as much as possible I avoided all fast food because it contains a lot of calories and satisfies hunger only temporarily.
  5. Fried foods (chips, fried chicken). I know it’s very tasty and hard to resist, but if you want to lose weight, you have to give it up.

At first it may seem that the above list makes up the majority of our nutritional diet, but it is not so bad. Calmly. It is at this point that we should take a broader look at the aspect of healthy weight loss. There are many ingredients that you probably haven’t even heard of, and they are really very nutritious and taste delicious! From my perspective, I can say that I have never been a supporter of eating fish and seafood. This was due to the fact that I rarely had the opportunity to taste them and I was not entirely convinced of this type of cuisine. What does it look like now? Fish makes up about half of my meals. I’m not saying that you should switch to completely different flavors, but I’m suggesting that different doesn’t have to mean worse. You can also discover dishes that will be definitely less caloric than those eaten so far, and in taste they will be even better! Below I will present you with a list of products that I have introduced into my diet. Do not take this as a requirement, but rather a guideline and I recommend that you yourself look for flavors that may interest you.

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. Low-fat dairy products
  3. Beans, peas, lentils and other legumes
  4. Whole grain bread and breakfast cereals
  5. Fish and lean meat

Changing your mindset

I noticed that in my previous weight loss attempts, I had problems with how I perceive the whole idea of weight loss. It often happened to me that for a few days I approached this topic very radically, I practically did not eat anything, I practiced a lot, and then for a few days I did not pay attention to it. Then the period began where I allowed myself more sweets, etc. And at this point you have to ask yourself whether it is worth doing this? Why bother so much, when the next day all the lost kilograms will come back with a surplus. That is why it is necessary to approach the subject very responsibly. If you know that you are not able to completely deny yourself sweets, then do not reduce it to 0. Sometimes you have to give the body what it demands. Another aspect that should be raised is too fast weight loss. I think everyone wants to avoid the yo-yo effect. In retrospect, it seems to me that the 10 kg in a month that I managed to lose was a bit too much. In my opinion, it is better to spread it in the long term. It is true that the yo-yo effect did not occur in me, but this does not mean that it will not occur in the future. Now I have significantly reduced the level of radicality of my diet, so I hope that this will not happen to me again. Bottom line: Don’t do anything that’s beyond your strength.

Physical activity – Do you need to exercise to lose weight?

How I lost weight - exercise

Physical activity does not have to be strenuous to bring benefits. Any amount of activity is better than no activity. The most important thing is to perform activities that give pleasure and that can be maintained in the long term. At the very beginning I decided to start with running, which turned out to be a very big mistake. I was a very obese person and by running I put a lot of strain on my knee joints and unfortunately it limited my functioning very much. Thanks to the consultation with the doctor, I decided to buy a stationary bike. And this is, in my opinion, the best solution at the very beginning. I trained practically every day and my condition improved a lot. I managed to lose the first kilos and then I decided on an ordinary bike and short rides around the city. Not only is it very beneficial for weight loss, but also to a very large extent provides us with adequate oxygenation of the body.

Adequate supplementation

In my opinion, this is a very important element that should not be overlooked. Initially, I ignored it, but after visiting a dietitian, I started using dietary supplements. It might seem that exercise and the use of the principles of healthy eating are enough to lose weight quickly and effectively, but this is not the case. I noticed that for some time my weight dropped significantly, but in the following days she had problems with it. It turned out that my body was not sufficiently nourished. The dietitian advised me to try to implement supplementation into my diet and I did not have to wait long for the effects. Initially, I used Slimdropico drops that support weight loss, but I decided that I needed something else. I really like to drink tea, which is why my choice fell on Hai Matcha slimming tea and burnbooster tablets. Supplements allowed me to optimize the effects of weight loss, and above all prevented the recurrence of unnecessary kilograms. They also gently accelerated the effects of weight loss, but for me the most important thing was that they properly nourished the body and provided the necessary nutrients.

Useful tips and methods that will bring results

Consume a glass of mineral water on an empty stomach in the morning

This will significantly improve digestive processes and the functioning of the intestines, significantly accelerate the work of metabolism, moisturize the skin, help cleanse the body of toxins, reduce the feeling of hunger, improve the urinary system

Eat on smaller plates

It may seem, but it really helps. Using small plates, we will eat much smaller portions of meals.

Evening walk

Even a short 20-minute walk in the evening will help you burn your calories faster

Weighing yourself or taking pictures in front of a mirror?

Both methods are very beneficial for the weight loss process because when we notice the effects, we get additional energy to act. Our mobilization is growing significantly. However, remember not to take pictures at the mirror or weigh yourself more often than every 7 days.

Checking the weight by wearing tight clothing

This is another method that can be very motivating. At the very beginning of the weight loss process, we can choose clothing that is very tight for us and every few days we check how it looks in the next stages of our struggle. Over time, we will begin to notice that clothes in inches no longer cut us and this will be a sign that we are going in the right direction!

Eat without haste

More fragmented foods the body digests much faster, so slow eating is very advisable.

Summary – the final metamorphosis

How I lost weight - the final metamorphosis

As I mentioned at the very beginning for a period of about half a year, I managed to lose about 24kg. Currently, I still lead a healthy lifestyle, I try to walk a lot and ride a bike, but I allow myself much more freedom when it comes to meals. At this point, I’ve achieved my goal in terms of weight and I really wouldn’t want to lose weight any more. At such a weight I feel perfect. Now my goal is simply to maintain that state. For my part, I can only tell you that the weight loss process is not fun for a few days. This is the time when sacrifices await you. There will be worse days and moments of doubt and that’s when you have to show a huge will to fight, and then you will definitely achieve your goal!