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Fat Burn Active – Reviews, price, effects, where to buy – Natural fat burner

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Fat Burn Active is a modern fat burner whose task is to increase the effects of weight loss. The product accelerates fat burning by accelerating metabolism, inhibiting the feeling of hunger and stimulating the thermogenesis process. Let’s take a closer look at the tablets and see what actual effects we can expect. We will also see what opinions Fat Burn Active has among customers and what promotions are available.

Fat Burn Active Training

Fat Burn Active – what is it and how does it work?

Fat Burn Active is a natural fat burner that allows a quick weight loss process. When reducing body fat, a very important aspect is the negative caloric balance. So the calories we consume cannot exceed the energy expenditure. The action of Fat Burn Active is largely to reduce the feeling of hunger. This is very important because it helps us maintain a set diet, reduces the risk of snacking and keeps us in a caloric deficit. In addition, it increases thermogenesis, i.e. increases the temperature of our body, which burns more calories during the same activities.

By including in the composition of Fat Burn Active such ingredients as caffeine or guarana, a greater amount of energy is supplied to our body. This is especially useful when performing heavy workouts. These ingredients also significantly increase the efficiency of the body. Other substances contained in the preparation mainly have properties limiting the absorption of fat and glucose from food. They also produce enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown of fats and support digestive processes.

How to use Fat Burn Active – Dosage

The use of Fat Burn Active is extremely simple and consists in taking 2 capsules of the preparation per day. After ingestion, you should drink a lot of water. According to the manufacturer, capsules are best taken 30 minutes before the planned physical activity or immediately after a meal (breakfast).

It is not recommended to use the supplement in the evening, because it contains stimulants such as caffeine or guarana, which in turn may cause problems with falling asleep. This is only a guideline and if our training plan is set for the evening hours, then there are no contraindications to use the supplement also in the evening.

As with any dietary supplement, you should not exceed the recommended dose. This will not bring us additional effects, but may only cause problems with digestion.

Is Fat Burn Active safe? Side effects

  • Loss of extra pounds
  • Weight and weight control
  • Improvement of efficiency
  • Increased physical strength
  • It has a positive effect on the work and metabolic rate
  • Increasing vitality and vigor
  • Regulating the digestive system and the secretion of digestive juices
  • Increases energy expenditure
  • Provides satiety, reduces appetite & reduces snacking

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Phases of action of fat burner Fat Burn Active

In order to best illustrate the process of operation of the fat burner, it should be divided into phases. The first phase is intensive and fast fat burning. This can be called the lipolysis phase. This is the distribution of triglycerides with the participation of lipase. The whole process takes place in adipose tissue. It is reduced faster and excreted from our body. Energy expenditure is also increased due to the fact that Fat Burn Active raises the temperature of our body. This energy is taken from fats, so it is excreted from the body, and as a result, our weight decreases.

The next phase in which our body enters under the influence of Fast Burn Active is to start and accelerate metabolism. Due to the fact that there are often unhealthy foods in our diet, our metabolism is significantly slowed down and is not able to work efficiently. By re-stimulating it to work more efficiently, we have the opportunity to burn more fat. Fat Burn Active tablets greatly increase our efficiency, which helps a lot during training. We have more energy for more intense exercise, and our body does not get tired so quickly. This will help in an easier way to sculpt our figure and get the dream result. It should also be mentioned that minerals and vitamins that have been enclosed in the composition of the supplement additionally improve the hormonal balance.

Fat Burn Active Tablets

Advantages and disadvantages of Fat Burn Active


  • The ingredients contained in Fat Burn Active are completely natural
  • Fast and long-lasting effects
  • A good solution for both beginners and advanced people
  • Safety of use
  • Positive customer feedback
  • High efficiency


  • Relatively high price of 1 pack
  • Online sales only
  • Difficult availability of the supplement due to the high interest

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Composition of Fat Burn Active – What ingredients does it contain?

Fat Burn Active is a dietary supplement addressed to both women and men, which contains only natural ingredients and active substances, whose task is to support the entire weight loss process by burning body fat. They have been carefully selected and selected in the right proportions to ensure maximum results. In combination with each other, they have the ability to intensify the process of thermogenesis, reduce the feeling of hunger and prevent snacking, improve digestive processes, add energy and, above all, intensify fat burning.

Indian nettle root extract

It is a plant known for years, and is characterized by a high ability to help maintain a healthy body weight. The effects of its action nettle largely owes to forskolin, which is contained in it. It intensifies thermogenesis, which significantly increases the efficiency of calorie burning. An increase in body temperature ensures an increase in energy expenditure, and therefore by performing the existing activities we will lose more calories. In addition, it stimulates the production of the enzyme lipase, which, as is well known, is responsible for the breakdown of fat. It also facilitates the building of muscle mass.

Bitter orange fruit extract

Bitter orange extract contains about 6% synephrine, which has properties that facilitate fat burning. It is an ingredient very often found in various types of dietary supplements for weight loss. Syferin binds to andregeneric receptors, thanks to which it has a positive effect on metabolic processes. In addition, it supports lipolysis (the process of breaking down body fat). Its properties also include intensifying the process of thermogenesis and limiting appetite.

Green tea leaf extract

A popolar ingredient in the world of dietary supplements for weight loss. It accelerates fat burning, supports digestive processes by stimulating enzymes and intensifies thermogenesis. Beneficial effects are possible thanks to catechins, which are contained in tea leaves. Catechins limit the uptake of fat and glucose from food.

Natural caffeine anhydrous

A very important ingredient in Fat Burn Active, which adds energy and increases the efficiency of the body. This allows us to intensify our workouts and reduce fatigue. Thanks to this, we have a chance to increase the amount of calories burned with less effort. Caffeine also improves energy expenditure by raising body temperature (thermogenesis).

aXivite® – Microencapsulated phenylcapsaicin

An ingredient that soaks into our body extremely quickly. It accelerates fat burning and ensures proper bowel function. Its properties also allow that fat is excreted much faster from our body and does not settle on tissues.

Madagascar aframonium seed extract

To a large extent, they accelerate metabolism and increase energy demand. The properties of the extract also include the fact that it evens out blood sugar levels and intensifies fat burning in our body.

Guarana seed extract

People who persist in the world of sports and physical activity probably know this ingredient perfectly. It adds energy and vigor, thanks to which it greatly increases the effectiveness of our workouts. In addition, it stops the accumulation of caloric surplus.

Black pepper fruit extract BioPerine®

Black pepper extract is a very strong thermogenic, which is characterized by very high efficiency. It provides a large dose of energy and makes the chances of success of the weight loss process much greater.

Vitamin B6

It supports energy, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. It is thanks to this vitamin that we do not feel tired and our physical performance increases significantly. A side property of the vitamin is to control appetite.

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

It is a basic component of a healthy and balanced diet. It determines the metabolic transformations of the supplied nutrients – carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It also has a significant effect on the synthesis of hormones, including testosterone and progesterone.


The main property for which it was used in the composition of Fat Burn Active is the fact that thanks to it we become more sensitive to insulin. Therefore, we do not feel hunger pangs, which significantly reduces the risk of snacking. In addition, it improves the work of metabolism.

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Fat Burn Active – User Reviews

This is a fairly new product and we will not find too many opinions about it. However, we got a review from the thematic forum, where one of the Internet users shared his experiences:

“Recently, a lot of unhealthy food appeared in my life, there was a lack of physical activity and unfortunately I found myself in a situation where body weight began to bother me a lot. I decided to take care of myself and started gentle training. It did not give too much results, and in addition, due to the poor condition, I felt constantly tired and sore. Then I decided to seek help and came across Fat Burn Active. I have never had experience with this type of specifics and to be honest I did not think that it could help me in any way. Now I can say that I can not imagine further weight loss without these pills. Of course, this does not work on the principle that you will take pills and continue to eat unhealthily, and the weight itself will decrease. It never works like that. However, thanks to the tablets, I definitely have more energy to act, which makes me more physically active. Kilograms began to escape practically overnight. It is worth sacrificing to feel the taste of victory at the end. I’ve already managed to achieve the weight I wanted, but I’m still taking pills so as not to waste this work.”

Fat Burn Active reviews - Karol Lipa
Karol Lipa

How much does Fat Burn Active cost – Price and available promotions

The price of Fat Burn Active depends on the quantity of products purchased. If we buy 1 piece, it costs GBP 39.00 per package, which contains 60 capsules and it is enough for a period of 30 days. If we want to save some money, we can use larger sets. Then we can count on additional packaging completely free of charge. Below is the total list when it comes to prices in sets as well as the prices of a single package:

Fat Burn Active Specification – basic information

Daily dosage2 tablets
Contents of 1 pack60 tablets
Price 1 pack39.00 GBP
Price included(2+1)26,00 GBP per piece
Package price(3+3)19,50 GBP per piece
Promotions and packages
Official website of the manufacturer

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Where to buy Fat Burn Active? Official manufacturer

The availability of Fat Burn Active is quite limited due to the high interest in the product. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy at stationary points. The sale is carried out exclusively online. There are several auction sites where we can come across it, but we warn against such a solution. Sellers are not always honest and instead of the original product, they only send a replacement that is not as effective. For this reason, we recommend using the official website of the manufacturer, where prices are the most attractive, and in addition, we can take advantage of numerous promotions. When buying a product in a set, we get additional packaging completely free, so it is worth considering this option.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When are the first effects of Fat Burn Active?

The manufacturer of Fat Burn Active claims that the first effects of use in the form of an improvement in metabolism etc. should appear immediately after taking the tablets. On the other hand, the first visible signs of weight loss should appear within a dozen or so days of starting the treatment. Remember that the key to success is regularity, so it is worth being consistent in your actions.

Is Fat Burn Active effective?

Many studies have been carried out which confirm the effectiveness of Fat Burn Active. This is also confirmed by customers who are satisfied with the results they have obtained. In addition, the Fat Burn Active supplement contains ingredients which are very easily absorbed by our organism, so the effects of use are definitely faster and last longer.

How long will one pack last?

The Fat Burn Active dietary supplement contains 60 tablets in 1 pack. So, if you take it as recommended, i.e. 2 tablets a day, you will be able to complete a 30-day treatment. The weight loss process should last about 2-3 months, so it is worth considering buying the product in a set, then we can save money and get an extra pack completely free.

Does Fat Burn Active cause side effects? Is it safe?

Only natural ingredients have been included in the formulation, which are completely safe for our body. They do not cause any side effects. However, you should read the leaflet to check whether you are allergic to a particular ingredient. This can cause allergic reactions. The product is also not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Is there a substitute for Fat Burn Active?

We usually recommend using the original product, but in this case we can say that ‘Fast Burn Extreme’ is an equally effective fat burner. It is based on natural ingredients and, like Fat Burn Active, works on the basis of accelerating the metabolism.

Can Fat Burn Active tablets be bought in a pharmacy?

Fat Burn Active capsules are only available online and it is not possible to buy them in stationary pharmacies or other stationary drugstores. The best place to buy them is the official website of the manufacturer.

Summary – expert opinion – Is it worth buying Fat Burn Active?

Fat Burn Active is a product that can be used by both women and men no matter what level of advancement they are at. It can be used by people who are just starting their adventure with weight loss, but it can also be used by people who still want to polish something and gently emphasize their figure. The speed and method of action, opinions, composition and effects that we can get allows us to claim that it is a fat burner that is worth using if we want to get the perfect figure.

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