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EleverLash – Opinions, price, where to buy – Effect of artificial eyelashes thanks to conditioner?

A flirtatious look is something that emphasizes beauty and adds confidence. Is there a solution that will allow you to achieve such an effect without cosmetic treatments and artificial, glued eyelashes? Let’s see if EleverLash conditioner can help us in this.


The attractive appearance is influenced by many elements, such as a neat figure, alluring lips, expressive shapes of breasts and buttocks and much more. Appearance is very important for how we are perceived by other people and how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, it is normal that every day we try to take care of our body and use various cosmetics for this. It is also the same with eyelashes. We devote a lot of time and attention to them in order to emphasize our perspective.

Ask yourself: how often do you paint your eyelashes? Do you do it every day? Maybe you use cosmetic procedures to attach false eyelashes? No matter what answer you have made, it probably costs a lot of time and money. It’s not just you who struggle with this problem. This is the dilemma of every woman and it is for this reason that I became interested in a cosmetic that can help us. It is an ÉleverLash eyelash conditioner. I decided to read it carefully and analyzed its composition, effects and checked what customer reviews on the Internet forum say about it. See what the product is and read my opinion about it.

EleverLash eyelash conditioner – What is it and how does it work?

ÉleverLash conditioner is a cosmetic that regenerates, nourishes and strengthens eyelashes, and additionally stimulates eyelash bulbs so that they can be optimally long, dense and thick. It has been prepared on the basis of carefully selected ingredients that form a thick consistency of the conditioner, thanks to which it accurately fills the entire structure of the hair from its root to the very ends. A brush is attached to the set, which allows for precise application of the preparation, which should not bring any difficulties.

How does EleverLash work?

Éleverlash is a conditioner that intensifies the growth of eyelashes and makes them thicker and longer, and its action takes place both from the inside and from the outside. Multifaceted action makes the effects much faster and more expressive. The formula of the conditioner is completely absorbed into the skin of the upper eyelid and does not cause any discomfort. Regular use will allow you to get the dream look of eyelashes without wasting time and money at the beautician.

Thanks to active substances such as peptides, the growth phase of eyelashes is extended. They grow for a longer period of time, which allows you to achieve the “effect of false eyelashes”.


How is EleverLash used?

To use éleverlash, we do not need any special abilities. This is a very easy activity. Before application, a complete make-up remover should be done, so it is most convenient to do it in the evening (the ink should always be washed off before going to bed). When applying the conditioner, the skin around the eyes should be thoroughly cleaned and dry.

When all the recommendations have been met, we can proceed to the EleverLash application. For this action, use the previously mentioned brush. With its use, we apply a small amount of cosmetic to the upper eyelid, along the lash line. After thorough distribution, wait a few minutes until the conditioner is absorbed.

EleverLash – Effects of application

Effects of using eleverlash eyelash serum:

  • Eyelashes become long and thick, as well as definitely denser and stronger
  • The amount of hair increases and grows faster
  • Hair takes on a more intense color
  • Increases the overall resistance of hairs to mechanical damage and loss

When are the first effects of using EleverLash?

Eleverlash provides effects quickly, because the first visible changes should be noticeable after 2 weeks of regular use. According to the manufacturer, we will have to wait about 3-4 weeks for maximum effects. It is worth noting that regularity is very important, which is why it is recommended to apply the conditioner every day, at least in the initial days of treatment. Thanks to this, we can count on faster and more spectacular effects.

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EleverLash effects of application

How is EleverLash different from other cosmetics?

The first thing that distinguishes EleverLash from other nutrients is the fact that it is completely colorless and does not require a precise stroke during application. Of course, you should apply yourself to this activity and take care that the conditioner covers the entire surface of the eyelashes, but in the case of some shortcomings they will not be visible. Another aspect that is worth paying attention to is the fact that after completing the treatment, it is not required to use mascara darkening eyelashes, because the ingredient bimatoprost provides them with a natural, dark and expressive appearance.

While other cosmetics only temporarily affect the appearance of eyelashes, EleverLash comprehensively cares for and protects them. Thanks to its properties, it helps to maintain a healthier and denser appearance for a long time. Thanks to this, it will not be necessary to use eyelash extensions, which are usually dealt with by a beautician. This will save money and, above all, there will be no need to expose eyelashes to unnecessary beauty treatments that can cause them to weaken and fall out again. The multifaceted action of éleverlash makes it currently the “number 1” among eyelash conditioners

Advantages and disadvantages of EleverLash


  • Serum ingredients are natural
  • Fast effects
  • A lot of positive reviews about eleverlash among women
  • It is a conditioner for eyelashes of the latest generation
  • Easy application
  • High performance


  • You can only order the product online on the manufacturer’s website
  • Free delivery when purchased only in the set

Is it safe to use EleverLash? Are there side effects?

The composition of the conditioner has been thoroughly tested and many laboratory tests have been carried out to exclude any danger. It has been confirmed that there are no side effects. It is a product suitable for people over 18 years of age. It can also be used by people with hypersensitive skin and vision defects. More on this subject can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

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EleverLash lineup. What does the conditioner contain?

The composition of EleverLash contains natural ingredients that do not cause side effects and are safe for our skin and health. The secret of their operation is to choose the ideal proportions. Combined into one, they make eyelashes longer and more expressive. They are also more resistant to falling out. This is mainly due to 3 active ingredients. Allantoin moisturizes and soothes irritations. Glycerin softens the skin, and panthenol soothes and cares. The full line-up of Éleverlash can be found below.

Information comes from the official website of the manufacturer:

  • Propylene
  • Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer
  • DMDM Hydantoin
  • Panthenol
  • Ascorbyl palmitate
  • Citric Acid
  • Biotinyol Tripeptide-1
  • Glycerine
  • Water
  • Bimatoprost
  • Allantoin
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Tocopherol
  • Triethylamine
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Ethylhexylglycerin
  • PEG-8

EleverLash Eyelash Serum reviews and customer reviews

On the Internet we can find a lot of EleverLash reviews and the vast majority of them are positive. Women consider the biggest advantage to be that eyelashes become stronger, and regular use of the product gives effects similar to those obtained at the beautician. They also pay attention to the fact that the composition of the Eleverlash conditioner is very friendly and does not cause any side effects. It does not irritate the skin of the eyelids and effectively stimulates the growth of new hairs. Here are some example opinions:

The best eyelash conditioner I have ever dealt with. After 2 weeks of use, the eyelashes become longer, darker and more expressive, which makes the eye frame look like I just left the beautician! Girls I highly recommend you!
The use of EleverLash conditioner finally solved my eternal problem of upper eyelashes. They were terribly weak and often fell out what looked comical. At the bottom long and thick eyelashes, and at the top practically bald. Some time ago I started a treatment with the above-mentioned EleverLash and after a few days I noticed that my natural eyelashes grow very quickly and finally look as I wanted! Recommend

Where to buy EleverLash – the official manufacturer

I know from experience that if something is popular, many websites try to trade it. When they offer original products, everything is fine, but unfortunately more and more often there are scams and instead of original cosmetics, many fakes are sold. Therefore, I recommend using the official website of the manufacturer, which offers the lowest prices and frequent promotions. Thanks to this, we will not only save money, but also save ourselves unnecessary worries.

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How much does EleverLash cost – price, promotions

EleverLash price 33,00 GBP for 1 pack. If we decide to buy in larger packages, the prices become much lower. If you plan to systematically use the serum, it is worth considering such a solution. Below you will find information on éleverlash prices in packages.

EleverLash price for 1 package: 33,00 GBP

Price per set(2x) : 58,00 GBP

Price per set(4+1) : 99,00 GBP

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy EleverLash?

Eyelash conditioner can only be purchased online through the manufacturer’s official website. At the moment it is not possible to buy it in a stationary store.

How to use EleverLash?

Using the brush provided, apply a small amount of conditioner to the upper lash line, as if you were drawing an eyeliner line. Wait until the conditioner is absorbed and you are done! Only apply to clean, dry skin. Use daily, and once you have achieved your desired results, you can reduce the frequency to 2-3 times a week.

How much does EleverLash cost?

The price depends on the quantity purchased. With a larger quantity we can count on significant discounts. Current prices and promotions can be checked on the manufacturer’s official website.

How long does a container of EleverLash last?

A pack of conditioner is sufficient for 3-6 months.

Is the use of EleverLash safe?

The use of EleverLash is completely safe and does not cause any allergic reactions.

Summary – expert opinion

Thickening and strengthening eyelashes are effects that until recently were possible to obtain only through cosmetic procedures. With the progress of aesthetic medicine, we have at our disposal more and more cosmetics that allow for comprehensive care of our body without leaving home. More and more women are more willing to convince themselves to such solutions, because thanks to this they can be sure of what they use and gain knowledge about their body. They learn the reaction of their body to individual components, check which allergic reactions occur and thus know what to use and what has a negative impact. When it comes to EleverLash eyelash growth serum, I think that it is a very modern formula that, thanks to the right combination of ingredients, can bring really great results. Long and thick eyelashes look spectacular, and if we can achieve such an effect with a small amount of effort, time and money, why not? In my opinion, this is an effective eyelash conditioner that is worth taking an interest in.

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