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Chinese bubble massage – what effects to expect?

Chinese cupping massage is an effective method of eliminating many diseases. It increases circulation, eliminates back pain, has a beneficial effect on cellulite. What are the contraindications to this method? When can massage be used, and when is it better to give it up? What effects can we expect? About this you will learn in the article.

Chinese cupping massage

What are Chinese bubbles?

The Chinese bubble is one of the types of vacuum bubbles that suck tissues under pressure. On the market, rubber, glass and bamboo varieties are most often found. They are characterized by round edges and corners. Thanks to such shapes, there is no problem with them sucking on the skin.

Folk medicine is the source of this method of treatment, although it has evolved into various applications. Colds and flu are just some of the conditions that have been treated with bubbles. Over time, bubbles have also been used as a therapeutic tool to combat back pain and cellulite.

Chinese cupping massage – effects

The effects of Chinese cupping massage are as follows:

  • reduction of cellulite
  • acceleration of metabolism
  • improvement of blood supply
  • getting rid of unnecessary toxic substances
  • reduction of back pain
  • reduction of muscle tone

After what time can you see the effects of Chinese cupping massage?

The effects of Chinese cupping massage are visible immediately. Already after the first treatment, the skin is noticeably smoother and softer. In the long run, it will also be firmer and more elastic. The constant use of Chinese bubbles is recommended for long-lasting effects. If you want to achieve the best results, you can combine massage with other anti-cellulite methods.

How to do a Chinese cupping massage?

How to do a Chinese cupping massage

Start the massage by smearing the skin with olive oil. Then prepare four bubbles of different sizes and apply them to different parts of the body. Before placing the bubble on the skin, it is necessary to squeeze air out of it. Vacuum suction is formed because the bubble sucks the skin (and the underlying tissues) into its center as a result of the action of vacuum inside. During the massage, circular movements should be made towards the lymph nodes. In this way, circulation improves, tightens the skin and relaxes the muscles.

How many times a week to do a Chinese cupping massage?

It depends on the intensity of the procedure. Chinese cupping massage is gentle and does not require special preparation. Therefore, you can do it at home, every week or even more often. The best results will be obtained by using a massage 2-3 times a week. However, this should be careful. If these are the beginnings of your adventure with this type of massages, it is worth using it once a week and systematically increasing the frequency. If you notice the appearance of redness or signs of inflammation, stop the procedure.

Chinese cupping massage – contraindications

Chinese bubbles should not be used on vascular, sensitive skin. This massage should also not be used on scars, damaged skin, active inflammation of the skin such as eczema or acne, as well as during pregnancy. It is also inadvisable to perform this therapy in case of a tendency to bruise.

If we have a tendency to bursting capillaries, it is worth consulting a cosmetologist before starting the massage.

Is Chinese cupping massage effective?

Chinese cupping massage is an effective anti-cellulite therapy that combines the positive effects of massage, hydrotherapy and other techniques. – This is a simple, cheap and very effective treatment that can be done at home or in a beauty salon. – If the procedure is done correctly, it will improve blood circulation, metabolism and skin elasticity. In addition, it will reduce water retention and the occurrence of cellulite.

How to choose a Chinese bubble for body parts?

The size of the bubbles depends on the size of a particular part of the body. For facial massage, small models are best. Larger bubbles are usually used on the thighs or abdomen. It is also crucial that they fit in the hand, because otherwise the massage will be uncomfortable. A set of serums + Chinese bubble is available on the market. For starters, this is the perfect solution: Celleasy Perfect Body Serum.